Acoustic Baffle Options


Sound baffles are all designed for ceiling suspensionThe following sound baffles are all designed for ceiling suspension in loud venues that require a reduction in echo to produce more favorable room acoustics.   The baffle options vary based on core material, skins used to wrap them with, and performance value.   Prices are listed on each sound baffle's home page, with volume discounts applying.  

Note:  The key to the success of your soundproofing treatment is all about ensuring that you do not under-treat, nor over-treat,  your space.  

How many baffles do you need?

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VET Baffles

VET Baffles


Our most requested baffle.   The VET baffles are encapsulated in a PVC skin with heat sealed edges.   Available in 12 colors.  Cut to a standard 2'x4' size with grommets in 2 corners for vertical suspension.  Class A fire rated.  Water resistant.




Foam Baffles

Foam Baffles


Open cell polyurethane foam baffles outperform most baffle treatments due to their thickness.   Available in 6 colors and also cut to the standard 2'x4' size.    These baffles are UL94 HF-1 fire rated, but not class A rated for use in public buildings.






QB Baffles


These diamond stitched patterned baffles are the perfect compliment to a QBS Blanket barrier treatment, or a QB Blanket wall absorption treatment in a loud factory setting.






Sail Cloth Baffles


These are the same fiberglass filled baffles, but wrapped in an upgraded rip stop nylon sail cloth material, with sewn edges rather than the heat sealed edges of the VET Baffle.    Ideal for commercial settings with lower ceilings where aesthetics are as important as the acoustics and worth the upgrade in price over the VET Baffle.







These are an inferior grade fiberglass baffle to the VET baffle.    We take the same fiberglass core and wrap them in a lower grade poly film.   Ideal for large industrial settings where aesthetics less important than acoustic values.






FireFlex Baffles


Class A fire rated melamine foam FireFlex baffles cut to 2'x4' dimensions for vertical suspension in high heat or open flame environments.







Fabric Baffles


These are decorative cloth wrapped Fabric Baffles designed to absorb sound in luxury commercial venues.   Available in 48 colors and class A fire rated.







FDA Baffles


Clean room baffles approved for controlling sound reflections in food processing venues.    The VET Baffles are not approved in these same venues.    Ideal for food processing, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories and other clean room settings.









Although these sound absorbing banners are not a vertically suspended baffle, they are a popular alternative for larger venues such as sporting arenas and concert halls.     The banners suspend horizontal, tapered much like holiday lights.









No!   These are not vertically suspended baffles, but they still work great to mitigate sound wave reflections off a ceiling.   Simply pin these 2" thick black soundproofing SelectSound blankets flat to your ceiling, and watch your echoes disappear!