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Acoustic VET Baffles

PVC wrapped sound panelSound baffles are less costly than perimeter wall panels for soundproofing a room. While wall sound panels are flush mounted to perimeter wall space, sound baffles are vertically suspended across the expanse of ceiling, with both sides of the baffle exposed to sound wave reflections. For any gym space that has a open joist metal roof deck, baffles tuck neatly up in between the joists to capture the excessive echoes in the space and eliminate the unwelcome background noise.

Placement is regardless. So long as you spread the treatment out around the room's perimeter, and introduce the right amount of material, your absorption coefficients will be triggered. 

The most popular acoustic baffle is a PVC wrapped sound panel that measures 4' wide x 2' tall. These are called VET Baffles. They are made of a fiberglass core, delivering a class A fire rating, are easy to self install, and come in a variety of colors. The key to the success in soundproofing your gym space is to ensure that you do not under treat your space. NetWell offers a free Room Analysis to help you determine how many VET Baffles are appropriate for your gym based on its size, shape and surface textures. Call NetWell's help desk at 1-800-638-9355 for this free Room Analysis.

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