Architectural Soundproofing & Acoustical Panels


Controlling excessive exposure to noise within a spaceOur sound panel treatments are ideal for controlling excessive exposure to noise within a space.   By placing your panel treatment around your room's perimeter walls or ceiling, you can effectively control the level of background noise by capturing and converting the echoes out of your space.   As a result, you deliver greater clarity to original sound, better speech communication, lower crowd noise and a more user friendly space.  

The key to the success of your treatment is in selecting the right product, the right thickness of that product, and the right amount of material needed to trigger the sound effects you are seeking.  This is where NetWell can be of great help.   We 20 years of experience tailoring more than 15,000 successful sound panel treatments, and can replicate for you what we know has worked countless times before you.   Just call us at 1-800-638-9355 or submit a Room Analysis Worksheet.   Etiher way, we'll tell you which product is best for your treatment, and how much material you need based on your room's size, shape and surface textures.


Fabric Soundproofing Panels

Fabric Soundproof panelsOur most popular cloth wrapped sound panels.   Use 1" thickness for rooms filled with human voice, and 2" thick for rooms filled with low base tones from music.  These sound panels are easy to clip to perimeter walls for portability, are available in 60 colors, and cut to the size that meets your needs.






FabricTack Soundproofing Panels

FabricTrack Soundproof PanelsAn upgrade to the standard Fabric Panels, these have a tackable membrane layered beneath the cloth that allows the sound panel to double as a bulletin board.  Ideal for cubicle settings in an office, nurseries, daycare centers, classrooms and church youth group spaces.







FabricBloc Soundproofing Panels

An upgrade to the standard Fabric Panels, these are lined with a layer of dB-Bloc that allows the panel to both "absorb" echo in the room and "block" sound from bleeding through the wall it is attached to.  Note you will need to cover 100% of the common wall to trigger room isolation.







Strike Soundproofing Panels

An upgrade to the standard Fabric Panel, these are lined with a thin wire mesh beneatht he cloth to add extreme durability to the panels.   Note that gynnasiums and multipurpose rooms do NOT need this extra protection, that the standard Fabric Panels will hold up just fine for balls banging against them.






Suede Soundproofing Panels

Plush sound panels wrapped in a variety of suede colors.








Ceiling Soundproofing Clouds

These are Fabric Panels that are rigged with hardware on the backside that allows them to "float" mechanically from a ceiling, where wall mount treatments are not practical or the client prefers to keep the walls as they are, in a restaurant for example.








Whisperib Wallcoveirng

A decorative, ribbed wall coveirng available in 32 colors designed to absorb more mild acoustics.









A popular foam alternative to the cloth wrapped sound panels, especially for audio rooms, home musicians and recording studios.








Pyramids Plus

A class A fire rated version of the standard Pryamid Panel.