Broadcast Studio Soundproofing

Soundproofing a Recording roomSoundproofing Challenge:

Radio, television, motion picture, music video and other related broadcast venues all require quality sound control for the purposes of music recording, vocal recording, dubbing, editing, voice over and broadcast of musical and vocal sound signals.  Our goal is to lower the level of ambient echo within these spaces, so that greater quality to original sound is produced for recording or broadcast purposes.

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Your Soundproofing Treatment

For sound isolation between two adjoining rooms, such as a live room and a control room, see our Walls section of this Applications Guide.   There we address the steps involved in combating sound transmission between common wall assembly's.   For quality sounds produced within each room, our Product Bin is filled with a variety of surface mounted wall or ceiling acoustical panels designed to capture the unwanted reverberations within each room and deliver high quality acoustics for broadcast and recording.

Soundproofing Results

By absorbing the levels of unwanted sound reverberation within a room, original sound becomes acoustically clean and ideal for broadcast or recording purposes.   Results for soundproofing a broadcast studio are simulated in our Sound Chamber for your reference.   The key to the success of your soundproofing treatment is to ensure that the appropriate amount of sound panel is introduced into your space based on your room's size, shape and surface textures.   That calculation is derived off our Room Analysis worksheet, or by phone to 1-800-638-9355.   We will safeguard that you neither over-treat, nor under-treat your room.



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Start by dividing out your soundproofing goals.   Before we deal with sound quality within the room, are you in need of transmission loss treatments moving noise from room to room?   If so, start by visiting our Walls section of this Applications Guide and discover the treatments for deadening noise bleed.    Also visit our Ceilings section if noise is bleeding out or in through your ceiling.   Follow the "density + disconnection" techniques we outline on these pages and help isolate one room from the next.

As for the quality of the sound within the room, target 50-70% wall coverage if you are inside small to mid size rooms performing broadcast, recordings, voice-over work, sound editing or mixing.    Control rooms will need 40-50% coverage.   Broadcast rooms will vary depending on the size, shape and surface textures in the room.   Your best advice here would be to contact our help desk with this information, or complete a Room Analysis Worksheet.   We can help you to determine product selection and quantities required for a successful treatment.

Remember that thicker material does a better job at attacking low bass tones.    Go with 2" thick Fabric Panels or 3" thick Pyramids if there is music in the room.   If your broadcast room is unfinished in the ceiling, suspend a set of vertical baffles or horizontal clouds as featured in our Product Bin.   These absorption products work just as well as wall mounted material, and will stay up and out of sight.   For decorative backdrops, opt for the Fabric Panels and note that we are limited to 4'x10' sheets in terms of panel dimensions.

These products and more are featured in the Product Bin for Broadcasting treatments.