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Lengthy sound reflections in a poor classroom design will produce unwelcome levels of background noise.    As a teacher's voice carries throughout the room, our goal is to clean out the background noise,  delivering better clarity to original speech.   This will improve the student's ability to hear and comprehend the subject matter, producing stronger test scores and a healthier learning environment with better classroom acoustics. 

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Soundproofing Treatment

Installing a set of acoustic sound panels or ceiling tiles into a noisy classroom will help to capture the unwanted echoes in the room.  By absorbing the echoes, greater clarity to original sound surfaces, restoring the room back to premium sound quality.   Sound panels come in a variety of wall or ceiling mounted options, depending on the placement preference.   The key to the success of the soundproofing treatment is to ensure that the right amount of the product is introduced into the space.   We want to ensure that we neither over-treat, nor under-treat, the space.   For a quick calculation on the panel count for your room, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.

Soundproofing Results

Absorbing the unwanted sound reverberations in the room will clean out the background noise and deliver more speech clarity from teacher to student.   This will restore the room back to a healthier learning environment.   As the acoustics within the room improve, so too will the performance of the students.    Simulated results for soundproofing a classroom are broadcast in our Sound Chamber.


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All fiberglass based products will be approved for use in a school or public building.   Our melamine foam products are also class A fire rated.    These core materials will grab the unwanted echo in the room, capture their reflections off the walls, and absorb the reverberations.   As the reverb time in the room collapses, the background noise subsides, which cleans the room acoustically and delivers excellent speech clarity and a healthier learning environment for teacher and student.

The cloth wrapped Fabric Panel family of products are available in 48 colors.    The Fabric Panels are the standard absorption panel, the FabricTack Panels are designed to serve both as sound panels and bulletin board material.

Do not be concerned with panel placement in the room.   The key that is going to trigger a successful result is the quantities you are working with, not their location.   Simply spread them around the room as best you can.   If the front wall is all blackboard, for instance, split the panels out among the other 3 walls.   Remember, noise will travel like a pebble wave in a pond, touching all the surfaces in the room nearly simultaneously.

Order 2" thick panels only if there is music in the room, otherwise the 1" thick material will work fine.   For classrooms with younger kids, get the panels up higher on the wall, or float them from the ceiling out over the room as a Ceiling Cloud.

If you have common walls bleeding noise back and forth, visit our Walls section of this Applications Guide and discover how you can combat the transmission of unwanted noise from room to room.    The products mentioned here are showcased in the Product Bin for Classroom soundproofing treatments.

Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or go to ASK for help at any time!   Good luck!