Wall Soundproofing with dB-Bloc

 Protect Your Common Walls with dB-BLoc

dB-Bloc is a heavy mass loaded vinyl that will be shipped to your project site in 54" x 30' rolls.   The material will be applied direct to your finished drywall, or an exposed frame, depending on your starting point.  If you are treating a finished wall, you do not need to tear out what you have, just add to it.   The soundproofing treatment works with or without batting insulation inside your walls.

Step 1:   Roll out dB-Bloc and cut to size with a box cutter









Step 2:   Staple dB-Bloc to your frame or finished wall










Step 3:    Apply furring strips or hat channels over the dB-Bloc.  

Unless your starting point is a double wall or a staggered stud assembly.   In any case, ensure there is disconnection in your assembly.  In this image, the client is using RSIC Clips + hat channels, but standard furring strips would work fine also.










Step 4:    Apply drywall to your furring strip. 

Note that this layering technique creates a dead-air pocket behind your drywall, backed by the density of dB-Bloc.   Again, if your starting point is a double wall or staggered stud assembly, you do not need the channel system.   Use 5/8" instead of 1/2" drywall if possible.










Step 5:   Caulk the seams

Seal up air gaps, then mud, tape and paint your finished wall.










You're done!    The layering treatment with dB-Bloc and a disconnection in your assembly can boost your STC values to luxury grade ratings of 55-60.   Results will vary depending on the application and available leakage.   Remember, there is no "cure" to sound bleed, only better "control".   Noise can still vibrate through the floor, the ceiling, the adjacent walls, and also travel through open air flanking paths that include electrical outlet plates, ventillation systems, plumping, electrical, windows, doors, and more.   The treatment shown here will typically yield average 70-90% drops in sound bleeding straight through the common assembly, but that result will decay depending on the flanking paths associated with your project.  

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