Soundproofing Diffusion Product Options


Diffusion Panels combined to "scatter" sound wave reflections, producing a more even distribution of an original sound signal spread throughout a room.   Ideal for auditoriums and recording studios.  Note that "scattering" sound wave reflections is different than "absorbing" sound wave reflections.  Diffusion panels do not lower excessive echoes, other than the first product listed..the BAD Panel.   For absorptoin, see our Acoustic Foam or Architectural Sound Panels.

BAD Panels

These are cloth wrapped wall or ceiling panels custom cut to the size/color you like.   The perforated membrane beneath the cloth produces the unique acoustic effect of generating both absorption and diffusion coefficients.   An ideal compliment to a standard Fabric Panel treatment.






Skyline Diffusors


The unique acoustic sculpture of these popular panels help combat sound wave interference in small to mid size recording and music rooms.










These are wall or surface mounted diffusors dedicated to breaking sound wave reflections in a variety of venues, from small recording studios to large public venues.








Barrel Diffusors


These are popular diffusors for larger public venues designed for vertical wall treatments.   Available in a white gel coat, or in the 48 colors offered through NetWell's line of Guilford cloth covers.   A popular compliment to a standard Fabric panel absorption treatment.













These are portable floor mounted self standing sound screens designed to offer both absorption and produce diffusion in a variety of acoustic settings.    Ideal for musicians, trade shows, stage shows, and other sound related venues where portability is a must.