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Welcome to NetWell Noise Control's interactive Forum on soundprooofing.   This discussion board is open to all visitors to our website as we encourage clients and prospects to share questions and answers pertaining to their treatments.  Open any of the product categories to the left to join in or start new conversations, or ask questions.   Select from the topics to the right to source articles from our Journal logs posted below.   Questions?   Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.

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Metal Deck Sound Baffles

Popular for gym space, retail space, strip malls, kennels, and restaurants, and more....these sound absorbing VET Baffles by NetWell Noise Control combine to capture and convert up to 80% of your unwanted echoes.  What remains is clarity to original sound, lower crowd noise, and a more user friendly space.   For questions related to the treatment, call NetWell's help desk at 1-800-638-9355.


Computer Rack Noise?

Loud computer racks can have an adverse affect on worker productivity.   NetWell's QBS Sound Barrier Blankets hold computer noise to within a contained area, while NetWell's acoustic Pyramids Plus acoustic panels reduce the pressure being trapped.  A great one-two punch to lower excessive noise caused by computer racks.  1-800-638-9355.


Tackable Sound Panels

Ideal for classrooms, music rooms, daycare centers, office cubicles and more, NetWell's acoustic FabricTack Sound Panels can double as bulletin boards.   Ideal for controlling excessive noise levels with sound panels installed lower on perimeter walls.   For more informaiton, check the FabricTack Panels at NetWell Noise Control!

FabricTack Panels at NetWell Noise Control. 1-800-638-9355.


Sound Panel Thickness

NetWell's Fabric Panels absorb echoes in a variety of settings.   Use 2" thick panels in music rooms with drums, bass guitars, oboes, cellos and tubas.   Use 1" thick panels in rooms filled primarily with human voice.   Thicker panels perform better with low frequency noise.


Restaurant Noise

Brick, block, concrete, marble, tile, tin, glass, wood, granite and drywall.   These surfaces commonly found in a restaurant combine to absorb an avereage 5% of the echo at your favorite eatery.  NetWell Fabric Panels absorb up to 80% of the same echo.