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Welcome to NetWell Noise Control's interactive Forum on soundprooofing.   This discussion board is open to all visitors to our website as we encourage clients and prospects to share questions and answers pertaining to their treatments.  Open any of the product categories to the left to join in or start new conversations, or ask questions.   Select from the topics to the right to source articles from our Journal logs posted below.   Questions?   Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.

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Noisy Office Space?

Try lining your hallways with NetWell's Fabric Panels.   As echoes rebound their way down the hall, drywall will absorb 8% of the echo, while sound panels can absorb up to 80% of the same level of noise.   Plus we can add decorative designs and artwork to the face of the panel systems to accent your hallways in style.   Call today for a free Room Analysis to 1-800-638-9355, we will help you determine how much coverage your office space will need!


For Common Wall Noise: Staggered Stud Design

For new build or remodel of your common walls, to isolate on rooms noise from the next, a popular building technique is a "staggered stud" wall assembly.   The floor plate is 6" wide, but the vertical studs are standard 2x4s, which allows the builder to alternate their installation as shown here.  The concept is to disconnect the rooms by formatting the studs so they alternative but not connect the rooms together.   This will force the collapse of the vibration, much like cutting a string pulled tight between two coffee cans.   The dB-Bloc barrier membrane then decouples the vibration with density, and the wall upgrades to luxury grade STC ratings on average of 55-60 or greater.   Results will vary based on leakage.  For more information on building your staggered stud common wall, call NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355.




Acoustic Foam Options

There are two basic core foam choices when selecting acoustic foam for your sound control needs.   Open cell polyurethane foam or open cell melamine foam.   First, note that closed cell foam does not absorb sound, the pores of the foam do not collect sound wave energy, the foam must be open cell.   Second, the difference between Polyurethane and Melamine foam is in the fire rating.   Melamine foam is class A fire rated, approved for use in public venues such as schools, churches, hospitals and so on.  Polyurethane foam is class B fire rated, this means the foam is self extinguishing, and typically approved for use in private settings such as industrial, commercial office, and music studios.   Class B foam is not to be used in public venues or near open flames or high heat sources.  From either of these core foam raw material options, there are then differences in how the foam is cut into panels, how the foam is sculpted, how thick the panel is and so on.  For help in selecting your best foam option for your acoustic needs, call to 1-800-638-9355 or visit NetWell Noise Control online at



Acoustical Room Analysis

There's a time tested analtyical service available designed to help clients properly calculate their square foot totals for sound panels in their space.   Based on a room's size, shape and surface textures, this Room Analysis will pinpoint the panel count for you in advance of your treatment.   Customers control panel size, color, and location, while the overall square footage is targeted.   For more information on calculating your sound panel coverage, click here for a free Room Analysis.   Or call to 1-800-638-9355 at NetWell Noise Control.


Free Color Samples / Sound Panels

Sound panels called Fabric Panels, wall or ceiling mounted, within your space will combine to absorb echoes, reduce noise, and improve sound quality within your space.   The panels are class A fire rated, decorative, durable, portable, easy to self install, and come in 60 decorative colors.   Free color samples are avialable to help on your decision, click here and samples will be sent the next business day.

For questions relating to your sound panel treatment, contact NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-368-9355.