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Welcome to NetWell Noise Control's interactive Forum on soundprooofing.   This discussion board is open to all visitors to our website as we encourage clients and prospects to share questions and answers pertaining to their treatments.  Open any of the product categories to the left to join in or start new conversations, or ask questions.   Select from the topics to the right to source articles from our Journal logs posted below.   Questions?   Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.


Got a Noisy Furnace?

Control Furnace Noise with NetWellIf you have a loud furnace that spills noise into adjoining spaces, wrap the ductwork with a sound barrier lagging product called NetLag and line the inner walls of your furnace room with a sound barrier curtain system called QBS Blankets.   Both of these products are Class A fire rated sound barrier treatments that combat furnace noise.  

Wrap Loud Ducts with NetLagThe blankets will block the noise from bleeding through the furnace room walls and ceiling, while the lagging material wraps around ductwork to prevent noise from vibrating out through the walls of the ductwork.   For more information on furnace room noise, call NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at www.controlnoisecom.





Sculpted vs Flat Foam Panels

Sculpted foam panels, or panels that have a convolution (pattern) cut into their face, expose more of the pores of the foam to air space, increasing the panels ability to capture and convert more sound wave reflections out of a space.   Flat foam has a lower overall surface area, presenting fewer pores to the same air space.   For intents and purposes, sculpted foams, such as the Pyramids, VCuts and Wedge patterns, will out perform flat foam

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Better Than Soundproof Drywall

The key to combating sound bleed through a common wall or ceiling/floor assembly is to break the connection points and line the common assembly with more density.   The disconnection comes in the form of a channel system that can be anchored to an existing, finished wall.  This is like snipping the string pulled tight between two coffee cans.   Without the disconnection, regardless of what you anchor to your wall, vibrations can push through structurally and become airborne next door.

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How to Lower Machine Noise

Stationary noise sources that stem from machinery such as compressors, grinders, pumps, condensing units and generators all combine to produce excessive levels of noise.   To lower the exposure levels, a simple sound barrier curtain system can be custom built around the unit.   Individual sound barrier blankets can be custom fit for all four sides and the top to trap the noise and protect the surrounding environment.   These custom noise control curtain systems can be customized with windows, doors, vent hoods, patches, cutouts and a variety of other cutouts designed to make the treatment work for most any stationary noise source.   For more information, call the help desk at NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at



The Secret to Blocking Drain Pipe Noise

We all know what that sounds like, the trickle of water down through the pipes in our walls, from showers, sinks, toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines.    As the water passes through the pipes, noise emanates out into the open space of your room.   Can anything be done to block this noise?   Yes.   A simple sound barrier material called NetLag can be wrapped like a candy cane around the pipe to jacket the noise and block the sound from emanating out into your room.   If you don't have access to your pipes, you can

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