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Sound Panel Thickness

The key to the success of a sound panel treatment lies in product selection first, and then ensuring that the room receives the proper amount of material.   If a client under treats their space, the sound values will collapse.   But if the client introduces the right amount of sound panels, the echoes collapse and the room is restored to premium sound quality.   Unless the wrong panel thickness is used.

Panel thickness targets the frequency of the noise source.   Thicker panels perform equal to thinner panels for mid to higher range frequency sounds.   But when the frequency dips down to the low base end, a thicker sound panel can produce 4X the level of echo control over a thinner panel.   Thicker sound panels do not mean a client can target fewer pieces, it means the client is targeting lower frequency noise.   If you have a base guitar, a drum, a music room, an industrial machine, orchestra, cello, tuba or other low frequency noise source, thicken up your sound panels!  

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How to Combat Compressor Noise

Compressors are stationary noise sources that produce excessive levels of noise.   Controlling the exposure to their noise levels is paramount in a work environment.   There are sound barrier curtain systems that can be custom cut to match the profile of a simple fence or structure built around the compressor, the blankets can trigger 15-20 drops in decibel level exposure.   The blankets can be cut to match most any profile or cavity size, and include cutouts, patches, holes, windows, slits, strip curtains, and whatever else a client might need to make the treatment user friendly.   Sound barrier blankets, such as a QBS Blanket, are customizable, portable, easy to remove for maintenance, and class A fire rated.   For more information on controlling your compressor noise, contact NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at



Web Surfing for Sound Proofing

Yes, your sound issues can be corrected by surfing the internet, sourcing a good acoustical firm, applying their knowledge, and self installing their products.   But NO!   Not if the wrong company is sourced, or the wrong product is targeted, or the wrong quantities are calculated, because in those cases, you would be throwing your sound values away in exchange for your money spent.   As in any other industry, buying online is all about buyer beware.

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Gym Panels Control Noise

Gymnasiums are typically large, over sized, shoe box shaped rooms composed of 3 sets of parallel surfaces.  As sound fills the cavity of the space, the noise generated is caused by the echoes reflecting off these surfaces.  To lower the noise levels within a gym, sound panels can be wall or ceiling mounted within the space designed to capture and convert the echoes, much like a sponge sapping up water.   The key to the success of soundproofing a gym lies in targeting the right quantities of the sound panels, ensuring that we do not under treat the space.   If you have a loud gym, there is a free Room Analysis performed by Netwell Noise Control that is designed to target the right quantities for you based on your gyms size, shape and surface textures.

For more information on solving your noise issues in a gym, or any other space, contact NetWell at 1-800-368-9355 or submit their Room Analysis worksheet online. 


Loud Cafeteria

Screaming kids?  Well, sound proofing treatments do not make the kids less loud, and don't be told otherwise!   But there is good news...sound panel treatments WILL make your cafeteria less loud.   Sound panels, wall or ceiling mounted in your cafeteria, will combine to capture echoes.  In other words, the noise you experience in a loud cafeteria is a combination of the original sound of the kids, and the additional echoes banging off the perimeter surfaces in the room.   By anchoring a set of sound panels around the room, the echoes are caught and converted out of the space, lowering the level of energy reflecting back into the room.   So, yes, the kids will still be loud, but no, the room will not be.

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