Soundproofing a Music Rehearsal Space


John Henry Goldman


The Soundproofing Challenge:

John Henry Goldlman is a professional trumpet player who has been performing for more than 30 years.   To keep his musical skills sharp, he practices daily in a rehearsal music room in his home.   He often practices into the wee hours of the morning, and was having issues with his noise disturbing his wife while sleeping.  John contacted NetWell Noise Control for assistance in sound insulating his music room.



The Soundproofing Treatment:

NetWell Noise Control outlined the framework for John's soundproofing treatment.   We started with lining his perimeter walls and ceiling with our sound barrier membrane dB-Bloc.   John layered the material to the exisitng surface, ran furring strips over the dB-Bloc and anchored new drywall.   This sound isolation technique collapses the bleed of noise through structure and air born virbrations.   Beyond that, once the surfaces were restored to finished drywall, returning the room to it's original look, John added a series of cloth wrapped sound panels called Fabric Panels to his perimeter walls.   NetWell ran a Room Analysis to help John identify the amount of panels he would need based on his room size and sound source.


The Soundproofing Result:

Our customer's testimonial:

I want to express my thanks to you for your expertise and guidance.  For years I have dreamed of sound insulating the professional music teaching and practice studio located in my home.  When the opportunity presented itself this past year I had no known resource for counsel.  A web search brought me to the NetWell site which was impressive in its clarity and gave me a sense of confidence that my goal could be achieved.
Our first telephone conversation was enlightening.  I felt that I understood the principles that could be used to transform my studio, a two step process of using d-Bloc and separation, and then acoustic panels to manage the vibrations captured in the room.  The results have been outstanding, both in effectiveness and appearance.
My music studio doubles as a Pilates instruction studio.  I can now teach both music and Pilates without concern for disturbing the rest of the household.  I am a jazz trumpet player, it is essential that I practice without "holding back".  The sound insulation works so well that my family reports it is as if I am playing outside the home at a distance, and I am able to practice at night without concern, a primary objective of the project.  The resonance and clarity in the room is totally satisfactory, and there is even a sense of quiet, peace and safety found when entering, a direct result of insulation from outside sound and noise.
Making such important decisions on the basis of a web search and phone conversations is a leap of faith to say the least.  Your promises, both on the web-site as well as those communicated directly, have been fulfilled.  Once again, thanks.

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Note the key to the success of the soundproofing treatment lies with the quantities targeted for the room, based on it size, shape and surface textures.   That calculation is derived with our complimentary Room Analysis.   Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.