Soundproofing a Classroom


The Soundproofing Problem:

For health reasons, most classroom settings are filled with hard, washable, reflective surfaces such as concrete, tile, brick, block, wood, glass and drywall.   These surfaces are safe for the kids, but do not lend themselves to good sound quality in the room, as they are highly reflective and produce poor quality acoustics.  Ask any teacher, including Julie Cash of George Washington Elementary School in Kingston, NY, how echoes in a room can threaten the learning environment and the development of her students.   Not to mention her peace of mind and ability to teach.   Julie found NetWell Noise Control through Google and called for help.



The Soundproofing Treatment:

By loweirng the level of echo in Julie's classroom, she would be able to teach in normal conversational tones, students can hear better, test scores go up, grades improve.  The soundproofing application is fairly straightforward.  Sound absorbing panels can be installed in the room to effectively capture the echoes and lower their impact on Julie's teaching enviornment.   The panels she chose were Ceiling Clouds.   These are sound panels that mechanically float from her ceiling to deaden the effects of the unwanted background noise.   She provided NetWell with her room's size, shape and surface textures so that NetWell can in turn prescribe the appropriate amount of material for her treatment.


The Soundproofing Results:

Once the Clouds were delivered and installed, the results were immediate and dramatic.   Teachers from other class rooms came calling, wanting the same treatment for their respective rooms.   Julie's classroom became the envy of the school, as the noise in the room collapsed and the acoustics in the room were now ideal.  The Clouds were installed right before school started in the fall of 2010, Julie's email came the day after school started:

Dear NetWell,

I am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with the Ceiling Cloud panels that were recently installed in my classroom.

Prior to having the panels installed, I had a very serious noise problem in my elementary classroom. Voices in the classroom seemed to echo and travel across the room, while it was extremely difficult to hear what the person sitting right next to me was saying. I thought I had developed a serious hearing problem, it was so bad!

The Ceiling Cloud Panels you recommended have solved the problem! Now we can have class discussions and hear what each child is saying, there is no echo, and quiet conversations are no longer a challenge.

Gratefully,   Julie Cash

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