School Logos on Gym Sound Panels

Soundproof Your Gym With School Pride

Yes, perimeter wall mounted sound panels called Fabric Panels can be custom printed to match your school colors, and logos/images/graphics can be printed on to the face of some or all of your pereimter wall panels.  But before you design the look of your sound panel system for your gym space, let us run a free Room Analysis for you to determine the overall amount of material you should be targeting for your soundproofingi treatment.

The key to the success of your gym soundproofing treatment is to ensure that you do not under-treat your space.   You can't add 1-2 panels with your school's logo and expect the noise to collapse.   We start first with the right calculation to determine how many panels you will need, and then we can address the placement of your school's logo.

Sound panels that double as wall banners to support your school.   How great is that!

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