Gym Sound Panels:  Cost Comparison

Wall Mount vs Ceiling Mount Sound Panels

The majority of all sound panels placed into a gym for soundpoofing purposes will be made of a fiberglass core.   The core is stiff and rigid if placed against a wall for durability, or softer and less dense if encapsulated as a baffle and suspended vertically from a ceiling.   In either case, the core material produces the class A fire rating that every gymnasium will require.  

Wall panels take more labor, time and materials to produce than acoustic baffles do.   Both soundproofing treatment options will deliver the same sound values to your gym space, so long as the quantities prescribed for the treatment are accurate.   We offer a free Room Analysis to help calculate those quantities for you.

The ceiling baffles are called VET Baffles and will typically cost 40-50% less than the wall mounted Fabric Panels.  The VET Baffles work just as well as the Fabric Panels in controlling your gym noise, they just aren't as expensive of a product to make.   VET Baffles are encapsulated in a PVC skin and heat sealed at their edges.   Fabric Panels require panel cutting, edge dipping for resin, spray on adhesives, cloth wrapping, and installation clips anchored to their back side.

We sell plenty of both treatments here at NetWell Noise Control.   If your gym has less than 20' clearance, or has a finished ceiling with recessed lights, chances are good you have less of a choice and will need the perimeter wall Fabric Panels.   But if your gym is an exposed joist metal deck, with more than 20' height in the room, the VET Baffles are your better option for controlling costs.

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