Noise Reduction in Your Gym

Gymnasium Noise Control Treatments

Gymnasiums are typically large, over-sized, shoe-box shaped rooms filled with noise.  The hard reflective surfaces found in a gym can't absorb the reverberating noise waves reflecting around the room.   When crowds of people gather for various sporting, musical or speaker-related events, their voice reflections spread throughout the cavity of the noise infested gym like a pebble wave in a pond.   This generates an increase in background noise that drives decibel levels up to uncomfortable levels and causes a spike in the noise levels of your gym space.   Our soundproofig goal is to make your gym space more user friendly by controlling this level of background noise.  From gym class, guest speakers, music, or crowd noise at sporting events, our noise reduction panels will combine to reduce the unwelcome level of background noise in your gym.

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Gym Noise Reduction

Noise control panels can be introduced into your gym space, wall or ceiling mounted, to capture and convert the unwanted echoes.   By collapsing the background noise, you raise clarity to original sound.  As a result, music sounds better, speech is more intelligible, crowd noise collapse, and gym classes can be taught minus the reverberant echoes from the teacher or coach's voice.

Our noise control panels are durable, portable, easy to self install, they are class A fire rated and take 3-4 weeks to produce and ship to your gym.  Quicker if need be.   Our noise reducing ceiling treatment target a set of VET Baffles that suspend vertically between rows of exposed joists in an open deck gymnasium, while our Fabric Panels are wall mounted around the top third of the perimeter wall space around a gym.   Both noise reduction treatments work to deliver the same overall sound values.   The key to the success of your gym soundproofing treatment lies not in where you position your panels, but in ensuring you are introducing the right amount of material into your space.   That number is something we calculate for our clients with our free Room Analysis.   Call your gym's dimensions in to our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or submit our online form.

Noise Reduction In Your Gymnasium

Either noise controlling treatment will deliver the sound values you are after, so long as the right amount of material is introduced into your gym.  With your reverberation times now under control, there is less background noise in the gym.   This triggers an overall drop in decibel level exposure to the crowd, and makes for a more comfortable experience attending sporting events, musicals and public speaking engagements.  Simulated results for soundproofing a gymnasium are broadcast in our Sound Chamber.  To help calculate the quantities appropriate for your gym, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.



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Noise Control In Your Gymnasium

Most gymnasiums are large shoe box shaped rooms that host sporting events, musicals, social functions and lecturers.   The surfaces in the room are purposely made of hard, reflective surfaces that bode well for sports, but not for noise control.   The reflecting sound waves can carry for up to 10 seconds in the room, while human ear can tolerate 2 seconds or less.   By installing a set of noise control panels or baffles in the room, you can trigger the control you need over unwanted background noise.

Start with fiberglass, not foam, as your core material.   Foams will either not be class A fire rated, or will not hold up well to balls banging against the material.    Fiberglass based products will be fire rated approved, and wrapped in a variety of skins that will make the treatment more durable.

VET Baffle treatments from the ceiling will be less expensive than wall mounted panels.   If you have a metal roof deck with exposed metal joists, and at least 20' height in the room, opt for the VET Baffles.   Hang them in rows and columns throughout the ceiling, positioning them in a checkerboard or herringbone type pattern.   Do not hang 100% of your baffles parallel to one another.   This will create a "combing" effect that will allow some of the noise to reflect up and down without ever getting caught by the baffles.    VET Baffles are less expensive than the alternative baffles listed in our Product Bin.    They are available in multiple PVC colors.

If you have a finished ceiling with recessed lights, or in older schools or churches if your gym is less than 20' tall, baffle treatments are not practical.    In this case, opt for the cloth wrapped Fabric Panel treatment around your room's perimeter.   Stagger a series of these panels around the upper 1/3 of your wall surface, dividing the pieces out as you like.  We will cut them to the size and color you like.     Standard Fabric Panels are dipped in resin to make the edges crush proof and durable. 

Our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 can help you determine quantities and cost.   You can also completed a Room Analysis Worksheet and fax to us at 1-763-694-8909 for help.   The Product Bin features your product options for the soundproofing treatment of your gymnasium.