Soundproofing Product Bin:  Gymnasiums


The following list of acoustical products has been designed for the soundproofing treatment of a Gym.  Simply click on the title name and you will be linked to its full product page and all corresponding support material.   For quantities and quotes required for your application, call your room dimensions in to our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or fax a completed Room Analysis Worksheet to 1-763-694-8909.

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Fabric Panels

Custom cut to the panel size and color you like, by placing a set of these panels around your gymnasium's perimeter you will be able to capture and convert the unwanted sound reverberation in the room.  This will help clear out the background noise, producing a more user friendly space with lower crowd noise, and a better teaching environment.   Note the panels are a more costly option than the more popular VET Baffle treatment.    Call NetWell for project cost comparisons.





VET Baffles

These are popular, decorative, easy to self-install sound baffles that suspend vertically between the joists in an exposed joist / metal roof gymnasium design.   Work with NetWell to determine quantities required based on the size, shape and surface textures in the room.   They are fire rated, decorative, colorful, durable, and will collapse your sound wave energy down to minimum levels by capturing and converting your unwanted echo.