PicturePanels:  Art Controlling Echo




PicturePanels are sound panels that are wrapped in graphics, images, logos, fine art, vintage images, and more.  The design options with these sound panel systems offers limitless beauty, combining to produce both a collapse in perimeter noise within a space, as well as a stunning visual presentation to the room.

The graphics can be used to brand space.   Images the size of billboards can carry across the expanse of ceilings or walls to produce the ultimate in beauty and quiet.  A virtual feast for the eyes that doubles to soothe the ear.   Your logos, your images, your graphics, or ours.  Wall or ceiling mounted, staggered sets of individual image panels, or a full designer murals.  Art controlling Echo.

The panel systems can be wall or ceiling mounted, the imagery can print onto single panel systems, or images can carry across multiple panels to generate decorative murals that carry across the expanse of a wall or ceiling surface.



Your PicturePanel Options:

Below we describe a variety of methods designed to introduce a PicturePanel treatment into your space.   The panels can be wall or ceiling mounted, the key to the success of the treatment lies not in their location, but by ensuring the right amount of square footage is introduced into the room.   That calculation is generated off a complimentary Room Anlysis that NetWell performs for our clients out ahead of their project.   Target the quantities first, then the visuals second.




Wallscapes are sound panel murals that stretch across the expanse of a wall or ceiling surface, delivering premium sound quality while stretching a single image across a family of staggered panels.  

A single image across multiple panels.








PicturePanels are individual panel system, carrying individual images per panel, much like hanging artwork on your wall.   The panels are evenly distributed around the room to trigger the sound deadening effects our clients seek, and the beauty the images will generate.

Separate images on separate panels.






PhotoClouds are sound panels that mechanically "float" from a ceiling, carrying images across the expanse of a room as the decorative Clouds combine to absorb the unwelcome echoes in a space.








Thumbnails are decorative ceiling tiles, with each tile representing one "piece" to a larger image that carries across the expanse of a drop grid tile system within a room.


Want to see more?   Visit our sister website online at www.PicturePanels.com





Deisgner sound panel projects are custom quoted based on the quantities of panels required for your soundproofing treatment, as well as the number of images sourced for your presentation.   To get started on your PicturePanel project, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355!