PyramidsPlus Soundproofing Panels

Pyramid Plus Foam Panels.  Class A Fire Rated!

Soundproofing Panels Absorb Up to 80% Of Your EchoPyramids Plus are 2'x2' square foam panels made of class A fire rated melamine foam.   The panels are availalbe in 2", 3" or 4" thickness.   The thicker the panel, the better your performance values at the low base frequency levels.   Ideal for controlling noise in schools, music rooms, churches, recording studios, and factories with high heat or open flame noise sources.   The panels have the Pyramid bevel in their design, which generates a seamless appearance as they are applied to your perimeter wall or ceiling surfaces.



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Pyramids Plus offer ideal acoustic foam panels solutions for applications including studios, recording, music rooms, vocal booths, radio stations, TV studios, broadcast studios and more.   These sound panels offer a continuous visual presentation across the expanse of a wall as we showcase in this image.   These Pyramids Plus panels are cut from our line of melamine foams, which deliver a class A fire rating, meeting ASTM-e84 fire test results.   This approves the panel for use in public buildings, schools, churches, hopsitals, museums and more.




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