QBS Sound Blankets

Class A Fire Rated Sound Barrier Blankets


Class A Fire Rated Sound Barrier Blankets Block NoiseQBS Sound Blankets are class A fire rated sound barrier curtain systems that can be custom cut to match the cavity size of any client's needs.   The blankets free hang as sound isolation walls, from floor mounted frames, against common walls, or suspended from the ceiling to deliver up to a 90% collapse in exposure levels to unwelcome noise.

Clients range from industrial applications with loud stationary noise sources, to mechanical rooms in commercial spaces, to clients needing portablbe sound barriers for common wall assembly's.   QBS Sound Blankets boast 30+ STC ratings, which can deliver up to 90% collapse in sound level exposure depending on leakage and the frequency of the sound source. 



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QBS Sound Barrier Blankets Cut Up to 25' in LenthQBS Sound Blankets are cut up to 25' in length.   Each blanket is sewn, stitched, quilted, grommets across the top for vertical supsension, and velcroed edges down both sides to interconnect and seal together.   They are avaialble in white, black, gray or tan.

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QBS Sound Blankets for Noise ProtectionQBS Sound Blankets are designed to collapse exposure to excessive levels of noise in a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications.   Clients build frames, walls, struture, fences around stationary noise sources, and have us cut these sound barrier curtains to match their cavity size.    Simply affix the blankets to the structure and listen to your noise disappear.

For outdoor use, we upgrade the skin for weather protection.  See QBO Blankets.


 Available in Black, Gray, White or Tan