Quoting Your Gym Soundproofing Project

Your Room Analysis

To produce more favorable sound quality in your gym space, the goal is to lower the ambient level of echo in the gym by introducing a set of wall or ceiling mounted sound panels that are designed to capture the unwelcome echoes in the room.   As a result, the panels will produce greater clarity to original sound, collapse overall decibel levels, and produce a more user friendly space.

To quote your project, we first need to determine the overall size of your gym, and then determine if you want a ceiling baffle treatment or a perimeter wall panel treatment.   We will then run a free Room Analysis to help target the right amount of either soundproofing treatment option, and quote back within 24 hours.  The key to the success of soundproofing your gym is to ensure you do not under treat your space.   Getting the quantities right is key.   NetWell Noise Control has nearly 25 years experience in soundproofing gym space, we will replicate for you the successes we have produced for all the other gym's before you.   Simply call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 and give us the dimensions of your gym, or submit a Room Analysis online.

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