Soundproofing a Music Room


Roberts Piano Studio


The Challenge

Barbara Roberts is an accomplished classical pianist.   Her joy of teaching piano in her new studio built within her home was threatened by strong reverberant echoes stemming from her student's piano strings.   The poor room acoustics made for an impossible teaching environment, despite the beauty of the lofted room with hardwood floors and magnificent views of Vancouver, Washington.   Barbara contacted NetWell for help.


The Treatment


The goal with the soundproofing treatment was to install a decorative set of sound panels somewhere in the room that would add to both the acoustic quality in the room and the aesthetics the room demanded.    NetWell suggested to Barbara a set of Ceiling Clouds to be suspended mechanically from her ceiling.   The Clouds would serve to capture the unwanted reflections, slowing down reverberations, and restoring the room back to quality sound.   Due to mechanical issues, the decision was made to go with standard Fabric Panels flat to the ceiling rather than the suspended Clouds.    Barbara selected panel size and color, NetWell delivered the finished material within 4 weeks.




The Results

Once the Fabric Panels were applied direct to the ceiling using the Rotofast Clip mechanical mount system, the unwelcome sound reflections inside the room were calmed.   What was once a highly reverberant music room, inconducive for teaching piano lessons, is now a state-of-the-art piano teaching facility.   

Says Barbara:

"I am sending you a few pictures of the installation of the panels in the piano studio.   I hope these pictures will work for you.   I actually wish I had a wide-angle lens--that would show the room and panels much better.   We continue to love the new sound in this room--it really has made a difference.    Thank you NetWell Noise Control!"

See the Ceiling Clouds