Designer Sound Panels:  PicturePanels


St Cates College, St Paul, MN

St Cates College in St Paul, MN tore a center wall down between two adjoining racquetball courts.   The resulting space was redesigned to host a series of medical testing stations designed to study the female athlete.   Sound values within the space were predicted to be too reverberant.   The St Cates project was presented to NetWell Noise Control for help in designing the space for premium sound quality, while adding a stunning visual presentation to the space.   Thanks goes to LA Ink of Mpls, MN for their design work in creating these stunning images that were printed onto the face of the NetWell sound panel systems.    Soundproofing with the WOW factor visually helps to brand space for both the eye and the ear!

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The Treatment

Each of the perimeter walls in the space were targeted for a sound panel treatment.   The room's dimensions were measured, and in turn, the appropriate square foot totals for the panel treatments were determined.   The panel systems were designed to curb the excessive levels of noise in the space, while providing the visual appeal to the room.   



The Results

St Cates celebrates the completion of their project with an Open House.  For those who never stepped foot in the room prior to the panel treatment, they commmented on how spectacular the images on the walls were.   They had no idea they were also sound panels.   For those who experienced the reverberations of the space prior to the treatment, they commented on how great the room sounded now that the panels were controlling the levels of unwanted echo.


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