Sound Barrier Curtains


Sound barrier curtain systems combat directional noise.   They can be used in a variety of ways, from enclosuing a noise source, to draping as a sound barrier wall to section off a noise infested area, to isolating stationary noise sources, indoors or out.   Selection is based on a variety of issues, including fire rating, STC values, durability, and moisture resistance.   For help in selecting the best noise curtain system for your soundproofing project, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.   We can guide you through your treatment and price your project out for you.

Please note:   Any blanket system can be tailored to your project.   We cut holes, windows, patches, strip curtains, vent hoods and a variety of other components into our blanket system, tailoring to your specific needs.



QBS Blankets

Class A fire rated sound barrier curtain systems.   Ideal for high heat, mechanical rooms, class A buildings such as schools, churches, hospitals, etc.   The blankets can be custom cut to match any profile, frame size, or wall dimension.







QBV Blankets

Non Class A fire rated sound barrier curtains, ideal for industrial treatments that require more durability and flexibility than the QBS blankets.







QBO Blankets

Outdoor, weatherproof, sound barrier curtains, custom cut to match your profile.  Ideal for stationary outdoor noise sources such as AC units, compressors, generators, pumps, motors, outdoor kennels, and construction sites.








These are custom cut sound barrier blankets that affix direct to your noise source like a sound jacket.











Just like the name, these are sound barrier curtains that look like baseball dugouts.   3 sided with a top, ideal for partial enclosures in factory environments for work station locations and unencloseable noise sources.







These are QBS blanekts that come with a frame on caster wheels for portable, partial sound barrier walls.










Strip Curtains

Clear vinyl strip curtains, cut to match the profile of your door opening, allowing for movement through the material while deadening the noise that wants to bleed with it.












VL8 Curtitions

Accordian style architectural room dividers.