Fabric Baffles





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Fabric Baffles are Guilford cloth wrapped sound baffles cut to a standard 2'x4' size and designed for ceiling sound absorption.    These acoustical baffles are hanging baffles that are available in 48 fabric panel colors.   These baffle panels are class A fire rated decorative baffles that absorb sound reflections to control background noise in a room.



There may be more cost effective ways to deliver sound absorption coefficients into your room.    Remember that we wrap both sides of these Fabric Baffles with the Guilford cloth, which jumps your price.    Our Ceiling Clouds are the same cloth wrapped panel suspended horizontally rather than vertically, with the backside of the Cloud not treated with the cloth.    This allows the Clouds to deliver equal acoustic values for less.    

Also consider the alternative baffle options that include VET Baffles or Sail Cloth Baffles that also deliver equal absorption for less.