Soundproofing With Fabric Panels

Cloth Wrapped Sound Panels Control Echo

Soundproofing Panels Absorb Up to 80% Of Your EchoFabric Panels are cloth wrapped compressed fiberglass acoustic panels that we cut to size and wrap to the color of your choice.   Their edges are resin dipped to make them crush proof, and clip systems are included with your order to help secure them to your perimeter wall or ceiling surface.  These panels are decorative, durable, portable, easy to self install, class A fire rated, and our number one selling sound panel system for most any commercial space.   The key to the success of your soundproofing treatment with our Fabric Panels lies not in where you position the panels in your room, but to ensure that the right amount of material is being introduced into your space.   To calculate that number, we run a free Room Analysis for our clients to help pinpoint the amount of square footage required based on a room's size, shape and surface textures.   Simply call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or complete our Room Analysis worksheet.



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Fabric Panels are designed to anchor mechanically to your perimeter wall or ceiling surface, evenly spread as best you can around your room.   The key to the success of the treatment lies in the quantities introduced, not necessarily where they are located.   1" thick panels are ideal for human voice, but if you have music in your room, we recommend you bump up to the 2" thickness to trigger greater absorption at low frequencies.  We can cut the panels to the cavity size you want, but be sure to call our help desk about getting maximum "yield" on your order.

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Fabric Panels are made of class A fire rated fiberglass, cut to the size/color our clients want.  There are also upgrades to the standard panel system, including FabricTack panels which double as bulletin boards, and PicturePanels which are printed with custom logos, images, graphics and fine art.  

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Art Panels Controling EchoPicturePanels are an upgrade to our standare Fabric Panels.   Rather than wrapping the panels in the color of your choice of our cloth color chart, we could opt to wrap them in graphics, images, fine art, logos and whatever our clients want to help brand their space for the visual WOW factor.   Great for restaurants, casinos, hotels, lobbies, where large murals of beauty and imagery are actually doubling as sound panels.





Fabric Panels are ideal soundproofing treatments for a vaiety architectural spaces because they are decorative, durable, portable, class A fire rated, colorful and simple to self install.  


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