Soundproofing a Multipurpose Room

The Soundproofing Challenge

A MultiPurpose Room is designed to cater to a variety of events that the room will host.   The value to the space lies in its ability to provide premium quality sound regardless of any one day's events being held in the space.   From sporting events to guest speakers, from weddingi receptions to lunchoens, musicals or daycare, this general purpose room is a magnet for unwanted sound wave reflections.  The soundproofing goal with a MultiPurpose Room is to capture and convert the echoes from the space, which in turn will deliver greater clarity to original sound.   As a result, the space becomes a more comfortable setting for all.  From lower crowd noise to better music, from speech clarity to a more favorable learning environment, sound proofing a Multipurpose Room pays great dividends all year round.


Soundproofing Treatment

By introducing a set of perimeter wall or ceiling acoustical panels into the space, a Multipurpose Room will instantly render more value to all who share the room. Sound panels combine to absorb the unwelcome echoes reflecting off the hard perimeter surfaces in the room.   While sound panels come in a variety of forms, care should be given to product selection, thickness, quantity and placement.  If the room is under treated, or the wrong material is shipped to the project site, the results can decay.   But if the sound panel treatment is properly diagnosed, and the right amount of the right product is delivered to the space, clients are amazed at the instant gratification they get once the panels have been installed and the room fills back up with its next event.    The product options avabilable for soundproofing a MultiPurpose Room are listed in the Product Bin.   For questions related to the specifics of your treatment, we encourage our clients to call our help desk or complete a Room Analysis Worksheet and we will contact you.

Acoustic Results

The acosutical panels for soundproofing a MutliPurpose Room will capture and convert the unwanted background noise, dropping the reverberation time down to under 2.0 seconds.   This in turn will produce better speech clarity to conversation, lower crowd noise, a more favorable teaching environment, better musical harmonies, and a more user friendly space for all who use it.    While a non-treated room will absorb an average 5-8% of the echoes in the room, a NetWell sound panel treatment can absorb up to 80% of the same echo, delivering back the quality to the acoustic sound you are seeking or your MultiPurpose Room.


Start Smart:     Good Decision Making Will Save You Money

Making good decisions will save you time and money.   Nothing is more costly or pocketbook-draining than to discover that the wrong product, the wrong treatment, or the mis-installation of your order forces you to start over,  accept inferior results, or suffer from buyer's remorse.

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Additional Soundprooifng Tips for Your Multipurpose Room

The key to the success of your treatment lies in the quantities you install, not in where you place them.   So long as the panels are exposed to the room, and are spread around as best you can, the absorption coefficients you are seeking can be met.   Care should also be given to panel thickness, with thicker panels targeting rooms that host music, and and thinner panels targeting rooms with primarily human voice.   We do not recommend an acoustic foam panel for a Mulitpurpose Room.   Foam panels are either not class A fire rated, or not durable, or flake and dust out over time.   Instead, we recommend fiberglassed compressed panels, such as our Fabric Panels, Ceiling Clouds,  and PicturePanels.    Again, we cut these to the panel dimensions you like, and wrap them in the colors/graphics of your choice.  Let us run our Room Analysis for you to help determine square footages your room should be receiving based on its size, shape and surface textures.