Soundproofing a Bedroom

Acoustic Challenge

A soundproof bedroom offers privacy and a better nights rest.   For single family homes, this might mean protection from street traffic noise or loud teenagers.   For multi-dwelling units, this might mean loud neighbors sharing a common wall requiring bedroom sound insulation.  In any case, our goal is to isolate the room and minimize the amount of noise able to bleed in or out of a bedroom.

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Soundproofing Treatment

The Product Bin is filled with NetWell material designed to combat the bleed of noise through common surfaces for soundproofing a bedroom.   These sound control treatments are linked below.    Note that no treatment will deliver a perfect "cure" to the issue of sound transmission.   We are after better control of the sound exposure in your environment, and in this case, a better night's sleep with a quiet bedroom.




Acoustic Results

A better nights rest and more privacy await you if you apply the treatments prescribed at the links listed above.    The Product Bin is filled with NetWell material designed to trigger an average 10-12 dB drop for your treatment.   The results for soundproofing a bedroom are simulated in our Sound Chamber for your listening pleasure.


Start Smart:     Good Decision Making Will Save You Money

Making good decisions will save you time and money.   Nothing is more costly or pocketbook-draining than to discover that the wrong product, the wrong treatment, or the mis-installation of your order forces you to start over,  accept inferior results, or suffer from buyer's remorse.

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Your primary goal is transmission loss for a better night's sleep and privacy within the room.   To combat noise bleeding in either direction,  you will need to disconnect common contact points inside your walls or ceiling, and add density to the surfaces.   These techniques are outlined in the Walls or Ceiling section of our Applications Guide.    The treatment involves the use of our mass loaded vinyl dB-Bloc which is a membrane that layers behind drywall to help combat the bleed of noise.   The treatments are for new or existing, finished rooms.

Note that wallcoverings, sound panels, ceiling tiles, and other absorption products simply enhance the quality of sound inside the room by absorbing echoes.   They do not block noise bleed in or out in either direction.   You need to be aggressive with your treatment, and follow the framing and barrier techniques outlined in the Walls section.

As for your windows, our Window Plugs featured in the Product Bin will help combat the noise bleeding through the windows.   These are portable, can be stored when not in use, and hung infront of your window for a better night's rest.   Note these are weighted, industrial style quilted blankets that average 1.5 pounds per square foot.