Cafeteria Soundproofing

Sound Panels for Soundproofing a CafeteriaHow to Soundproof Your Cafeteria

Common eating areas including school cafeterias will typically contain hard, cleanable, reflective surfaces spread throughout the room.    As people congregate, voice reflections begin to reverberate throughout the room.   This creates a level of background noise that will drown out tabletop conversations.   In turn, voices are raised in an attempt to talk over the background noise.   This forces decibel levels in the room to climb to uncomfortable levels.   Our goal with soundproofing a cafeteria is to lower the sound reflections in the room.  By collapsing echoes, we deliver greater clarity to original sound and lower the level of background noise.   We don't make the kids less loud, we make the room less loud.

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Soundproofing Treatment 

Wall or ceiling mounted sound panels installed around the perimeter of a noisy cafeteria will capture and convert the unwanted sound wave reflections.   This will shorten reverberation times, and trigger lower levels of background noise.    As a result, original sound signals become more clear and the people in the room no longer have to shout over one another to be heard.   The products for cafeteria noise control are featured in our Product Bin.   Sound panels can be wall or ceiling mounted with an easy to use clip system.   The panels are portable, class A fire rated, easy to self install and designed to produce premium sound quality for your cafeteria setting.   For questions in product selection, or quantities required to trigger the values you are seeking, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.

Acoustic Results

With less active background noise triggered by lower reverberation times, conversational tones can return to normal decibel level volumes.   As a result, kids or adults in the cafeteria will experience a more comfortable social environment.   No longer will they need to shout over one another in order to be heard, and the room becomes more comfortable for everyone.   Simulated results for soundproofing a cafeteria are broadcast in our Sound Chamber.


Start Smart:     Good Decision Making Will Save You Money

Making good decisions will save you time and money.   Nothing is more costly or pocketbook-draining than to discover that the wrong product, the wrong treatment, or the mis-installation of your order forces you to start over,  accept inferior results, or suffer from buyer's remorse.

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Soundproofing Tips for your Cafeteria

What is going to trigger your result is the quantity of panels you place into the room, not necessarily where you locate them.   Do not be overly concerned with your location of the pieces.   For instance, if you are doing a wall panel treatment, and one wall is a stage, or all glass, or a series of doors and windows, simply divide the panels out and space them evenly along your other three available wall surfaces.

Remember noise travels like a pebble wave in a pond at 770 miles per hour.   Regardless of panel location, the sound waves will find your panels faster than you can blink and will be captured and converted.   Just be sure to follow our lead on quantities.    Fax us your Room Analysis Worksheet or call us at 1-800-638-9355 to determine how much you will need.

Ceiling Clouds are often more popular than Fabric Panels  for this setting.   Hovering panels out over the room hanging them flat to the incline of the ceiling or parallel to the floor surface gives the room great acoustics and a nice look.   Have us bevel the edges around the perimeter of each piece, and keep the panel sizes down to something like a 3'x4' for more maneuverability.

If you opt for a wall treatment, the Fabric Panels are the product of choice.   Again, center them up higher on your perimeter walls and keep them out of the way of kids.   Or if you prefer, opt for the FabricTack panels which can also be used as bulletin board material, have us cut them in larger panel sizes, and place lower on the walls for pinning seasonal artwork.

If you need to divide the room out into smaller rooms protected from one another acoustically, the Curtitions offer a collapsible product that can divide a larger room into smaller settings also.

The products listed here are featured in our Product Bin for Cafeteria soundproofing treatments.



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