Soundproofing a Call Center

The Soundproofing Challenge

A communications center filled with banks of telephones commands low background noise for operators to working at peak efficiency handling callers and processing accurate information in a call center.

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Soundproofing Treatment

There are two distinct treatment options that can clean your room acoustically and help protect the phone operators from one another's voices in a call center design.

The first treatment would be to install a sound masking system designed to raise the level of background noise and protect each operator by disguising one another's voices.    This form of background noise is soothing, not irritating, much like the sound of air flow from a low running fan.     By raising the background noise, individual voice reflections become less distinctive, affording better protection for a room filled with phone bank operators.

The alternative treatment is to attack the background noise, capture it and convert it out of the room.   This is accomplished through the installation of a set of sound panels designed to be anchored to the perimeter walls around the room and as backdrop insets within the cubicle desks.    This treatment lowers the amount of sound reflection in the room, cleaning out the background noise, and delivering less voice reflection from one operator to the next.

The sound proofing products used to deliver either treatment are listed in our Product Bin.    Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 for questions!

Acoustic Results

Any sound isolation or containment treatment will deliver a stronger acoustic break between operators.   Results will vary depending on several options including the size, shape and surface texture of the room.  Those opting for absorption panels can reasonably expect to absorb up to 85% of human voice reflections, delivering cleaner acoustics in the room with less background noise interfering with the phone work.      Simulated results for soundproofing a communications center are broadcast in our Sound Chamber.  The sound masking system will manufacture greater oral privacy by disguising human voice conversations and produce the targeted background decibel level of 45 dBa.


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If you are unable to isolate each operator, treat the room for acoustics, not just the sound source.    Spread a series of panels around the upper perimeter of the walls as well as inside each phone bank station wall location.    Within each cubicle, consider our FabricTack Panels that can double as a bulletin board, and have us custom cut these panels to velcro into as insets within each work station location.

Ceiling Clouds are a decorative way to move the sound panels out over the room and float them horizontally above the callers if they won't interfere with your lighting.  Fabric Baffles can be custom cut to suspend vertically above the walls dividing each cubicle and serve as an extension to these walls defining a more isolated work area.  Pyramids are half the price of the Fabric Panels.   Get the 3" thickness which has twice the NRC value over the 2".

The Whisperib Wallcovering is thin.   Be sure to cover 100% of your available wall space if you opt for this material. 

Installing a Voice Arrest System in your room will generate background noise designed to disguise individual voice fluctuations.   The "white noise" that is generated will help protect the confidentiality of each phone call location if that is an issue.    This is a state-of-the-art system that operates by remote control, filling the room with soothing background noise designed to disguise and protect the phone bank operators.

For quantities on any of these materials, complete a Room Analysis Worksheet and fax to 1-763-694-8909 or call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.  The products mentioned here are featured in the Product Bin for Call Centers.