Soundproofing a Furnace Room

Acoustic Challenge

 As your furnace circulates airflow throughout your home to help regulate room temperature levels, the fan motor noise from inside the furnace can reach unwelcome decibel level volumes.   Our goal is to contain the fan noise to within the mechanical room where your loud furnace is located.

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Soundproofing Treatment

Line the surrounding walls of your noisy furnace room with a sound barrier material designed to block the transmission of noise out through the common surfaces.   Sound barrier QBS Blankets can be custom cut to match the dimensional size of the walls of your mechanical room and quiet your furnace noise, or you can treat your finished walls with dB-Bloc as we outline in the Wall section of this Applications Guide.    The products for this furnace soundproofing treatment are listed in the Product Bin.

Acoustic Results

Once your interior walls are lined with the QBS sound control blankets identified in our Product Bin, or treated with dB-Bloc, an average 10-12 decibel level drop in sound pressure can be triggered.   Simulated results for soundproofing a loud furnace are broadcast in our Sound Chamber and will vary per treatment.


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Fan noise is the primary noise source in this treatment.    For addressing the airflow noise bleeding out through your supply or return ductwork, please check the Ductwork section of this Applications Guide.     You will also want to check our Walls section of this Applications Guide where we address the use of dB-Bloc and a series of disconnecting framing techniques that can help you contain your furnace fan noise to within your mechanical room.

Most mechanical rooms are tight enclosed spaces with a series of pipes and ductwork passing  through the surrounding walls and ceiling of the room.   It is because of these openings that you will never completely be able to get rid of your furnace room noise, our goal here is to only better control the problem.

The most popular and easiest to install treatment is to line your common walls with class A fire rated QBS blankets.   We can custom cut them to fit the cavity size of your wall space, including cutouts for your pipes and ductwork.   Simply free hang these from the wall and the back of your door to the room to block noise.   You can also grommet them to the ceiling to create the "padded cell" look to the treatment.   By covering as close to 100% of your surface as possible, you can trigger up to a 90% drop in the amount of noise bleeding out.    The blankets will also serve to absorb the energy trapped inside.

If this is new construction, follow the framing treatments for your surrounding walls as listed in our Walls section of this guide, and line the walls with dB-Bloc.     Then finish off with drywall to the inside of the room, and apply a set of Pyramid Plus foam panels to the walls inside the room.    The foam will absorb the noise that is trapped by the barrier assembly.   The foam is also class A fire rated.