Gun Range Soundproofing

Soundproofing Challeng

The impact blast from firing a weapon at a shooting range can represent a severe hearing loss threat to its operator, and trigger complaints from unhappy neighbors.    Our sound proofing goal is to control the level of exposure to neighbors, while also providing hearing protection for the operator of the weapon, and satisfy the acoustic wishes of the surrounding community.

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Soundproofing Treatment

For outdoor shooting ranges, suspend QBO sound control blankets around the firing station area.   This will contain the noise, protecting neighbors near and far, as well as control the exposure levels to the operator firing the weapon.    If there is a pole barn, suspend these same blankets and isolate the entire area.

For indoor shooting ranges, the QBS blankets can suspend from the top of the wall around the perimeter of the room to guard against the bleed of noise out.   The FireFlex panels can adhered to the ceiling to help absorb the energy trapped in the room.   Check the Product Bin for more information on these NetWell Noise Control products, and see the tips below for further instruction.   The Room Analysis Worksheet can help you diagram your facility's layout.   Fax it to 1-763-694-8909 or call us at 1-800-638-9355.

Soundproofing Results

Applying a sound barrier treatment to surrounding walls can trigger the 12-15 dB drops.  Applying absorption panels to within the room's interior will protect the operator of the weapon by reducing the sound reflections inside the room.   Results for soundproofing a gun range are simulated in our Sound Chamber. 


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For outdoor ranges, recognize that unless you full enclose the shooting location, you will not be able to completely eliminate the sound level exposures to your neighbors.   Your only goal would be to better control the problem by doing partial enclosures with blankets built around the shooting stations.   Blankets are a great way to combat the sound directionally, and our Product Bin showcases our QBO blankets used for outdoor treatments.    Build a frame around each shooting location and we'll cut the blankets to size.   Make the station 4 sided with a top if possible, or leave the backside open pointed away from the neighbors you seek to protect.    Leave an opening out front for the barrel and the operator to fire through.

If you have an outdoor pole barn, consider hanging these blankets from the facility to serve as portable suspended sound screens.    Then line the interior under hang with Pyramids Plus if they won't get wet, or suspend a set of vertical VET Baffles.   Either will help absorb the impact blast and the noise contained by the curtains.

For indoor treatments, the QBS blankets can be grommeted to your walls and ceiling to create a padded cell that doesn't let the noise bleed out.   You can also line firing stations with the blankets to protect multiple weapons users from each other's noise.   If you're building the facility from scratch, build a staggered-stud frame and line with dB-Bloc to hold the noise inside.   This negates your need for the blankets, but then introduces the need for the Pyramids Plus to dissipate the noise energy trapped inside the room.

Call our help desk at 1-800-638-93355 for further questions or fax a completed Room Analysis Worksheet to 1-763-694-8909.   The products listed for this treatment are featured in our Proudct Bin for Gun Ranges.