Kennel Soundproofing

Reducing Kennel Noise

There are two primary concerns with kennel noise that we hear from our customers.  Either the noise is bleeeding out of the boarding area and having a negative impact on the surrounding office space and/or nearby neighbors, or the level of noise within the boarding area is just too loud.   In either case, proper soundproofing treatments can help reduce the exposure levels and make the space more user friendly, for both people and animals.

Kennel Soundproofing Treatment

To isolate barking dog noise and block the bleed of the noise out of the room, vist our seciton on Soundproofing a Wall.  There we guide our clients through the layering techniques involved in soundproofing a common wall or ceiling using our sound barrier membrane dB-Bloc.   The treatment will protect the isolate your kennel noise to within your room.

To control the noise exposure levels within the boarding room itself, the treatment converts to a sound panel treatment.   Sound panels will effectively absorb echoes within the space, reducing the exposure level to noies for both people and animals.   Employees are more comfortable, dogs are more comfortable, customers are more pleased with the environment, worker productivity improves.   For Kennels taller than 10' in height, the VET Baffles are the ideal treatment.  They hang vertically in rows and columns from your ceiling to deliver this intended effect.   For lower ceiling heights, convert to a wall mounted version called VET Panel.   Both of these products are class A fire rated, waterproof, easy to self install, available in dozens of colors, and will combine to produce the collapse in perimeter noise that you are seeking.   So long as you put the right amount of material into the room.   Call our help desk for a free Room Analysis.

Results for Soundproofing Your Kennel

When the perimeter noise in a kennel collapses, the dogs are more comfortable.   The employees are happier.  The surrounding work environment is more productive, and customers are more likely than not to become repeat clients.   For kennels untreated for noise, the opposite holds true.   Unwelcome exposure to noise will deplete worker morale, drive clients away, and produce more stress in the dogs.   Our VET Baffle system is easy to diagnose, easy to produce, easy to ship, easy to install, and is one of our most cost effective sound absorbing panels found here on our website.   The key to the success of the treatment is to ensure that you do not under treat your space.   Call for a free Room Analysis to determine your number.


Start Smart:     Good Decision Making Will Save You Money

Making good decisions on soundproofing conference rooms will save you time and money.   Nothing is more costly or pocketbook-draining than to discover that the wrong product, the wrong treatment, or the mis-installation of your order forces you to start over,  accept inferior results, or suffer from buyer's remorse.

To help avoid missteps and protect your investment on your conference room soundproofing project, NetWell Noise Control offers its famous, safe, and secure email course called StartSmart.   It is filled with valuable insider tips on saving money with your soundproofing treatment.   This popular teaching tool is your guide to a successful soundproofing outcome.   The eCourse is free, and enjoyed by more than
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Tips for Soundproofing a Kennel

Placement of your VET Baffle or VET Panel treatment is regardless so long as you introduce the right amount of material into your room.   We safeguard to not under-treat, nor over-treat, your space based on your room's size, shape and surface textures.   Simply call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or complete the attached Room Analysis worksheet to determine the right amount of material for your treatment.  

Concrete and metal are the standard surfaces typically found in a kennel area.   These surfaces absorb an avereage 3% of the sound of a barking dog.   Our VET Baffles absorb up to 80% of the same echo.  The difference is dramatic as long as the right amount of material is targeted.  Note that we don't make the dogs less loud, you will still hear their barks.   We make the room less loud, by collapsing the echoes off the perimeter surfaces to deliver a lower sound signal to your ear.

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