Soundproofing a Multipurpose Room



"The Community Room in our Smith Center location was renovated in January, 2009.   The exitsing room, seen here, is a former sanctuary measuring 4500 square feet.   The beautiful maple flooring was restored, the walls painted and the wonderful stained glass windows and wood structures remained intact.

RCIL's goal was to utilize this room to bring together groups throughout the community as an alternative to other settings for meetings, conferences, weddings, parties, etc.   As a civil rights organization providing services and programs for people with disabilities, it was of the upmost importance that all facilities are completely accessible to all.   We thought we had obtained that in our new room.

However, upon holding a few of our own events, an auction, board meetings, staff meetings, outside agency meetings, we were not in compliance---we could not hear in that room at all.   Whether we were sitting cose together or spread out in the room, and using the microphone made matters even worse.   We first investigated with our state-of-the-art sound system and speakers, but that did not solve our problem.

So upon much research, RCIL found NetWell Noise Control to look into sound panels for the room.   It was very easy to navigate through their website, we spoke to wonderful representatives and were able to choose from sound panels that would enhance not only the sound in the room, but also the decor of the room.    Due to a lack of available wall space, our windows, beams and design of the room, we opted for a Ceiling Cloud treatment to be anchored mechanically to the ceiling of our room.

The installation was quick and it looks great.   But that's not all!

We have been able to host intimate weddings with all participants and guests hearing every soft spoken word, internal board meetings where all board members have commented on the wonderful sound in the room.   Currently pop up theater use the room, along with numerous musical artists, where they remark, the acoustics are great!

Our beautifully renovated multipurpose room was essentially unusable prior to the sound panels---we had to move and cancel several events prior to their installation.   However, after the installation of the panels from NetWell Noise Control, we are able to fully utilize the room beyond our hopes, the room is now fully accessible to all.   The Ceiling Clouds have assisted us in increased awareness adn revenue for the Resource Center for Independent Living, and for people with disabilities.

On behalf of our staff, board members, the people we serve, and the entire community -- thank you NetWell!"

Diana Ellis Sorrento

Director of Development
Resource Center for Independent Living
Post Office Box 210
Utica, NY 13503-0210

phone: 315-272-2986
fax: 315-797-4747


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