Music Room Soundproofing

Acoustic Challenge

A music room, band room, or chorus room designed for practice and rehearsal can bleed noise out to adjoining rooms.   The acoustic goal for band room noise is to first hold the noise to within the loud music room, and then treat the interior of the room for better sound quality.   The challenges involved in soundproofing a music room are twofold.   First, to isolate the room, and second, to improve the sound quality within the room.

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Soundproofing Treatment

To hold the noise to within a music or rehearsal room, follow our advice outlined in our Walls or Ceilings section of this Applications Guide.   There we discuss how to combat the transmission of noise through these common surfaces for good acoustic music room design.    As for the quality of the acoustics created and held to within the room, line the walls or ceiling with acoustic panels designed to absorb the  unwanted sound reverberation.    The acoustical materials used for this music room treatment are showcased in the Product Bin.

Acoustic Results

By applying the sound proofing techniques of "disconnection and density" to your surrounding wall and ceiling surfaces, you can trigger a 10-12 decibel level drop from inside the room to outside.    Results for soundproofing a music room are simulated in our Sound Chamber for your reference.   As for the sound quality within the room, sound panels can absorb up to 85% of your unwanted reverberation.   This slows down the sound reflections and delivers better quality acoustics within the room.


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If your primary objective is to contain your music to within your room, visit our Walls section of this Applications Guide and discover the steps you can take to isolate your Music Room from the rest of your facility.    We outline treatments for new or existing walls, with the use of dB-Bloc, firring strips and a new layer of drywall to create the "density + disconnection" you need to combat the transmission of sound.  

As for the quality of sounds produced within your room, remember that thicker material will attack lower bass tones.  If vocals is your only noise source, opt for the 1" thick Fabric Panels or the Ceiling Clouds, otherwise get the 2" thick Fabric Panel.  The cloth wrapped panels will be more durable than the melamine foam used to cut the Pyramids Plus, but both will work great and also be class A fire rated.

You can place the material up high on your walls to help ensure durability.   Remember that noise travels like a pebble wave in a pond, spreading throughout your room in every direction.   The absorption coefficients can be produced regardless of where you locate the pieces, so long as you don't under treat the room.   Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 with your room dimensions and we will quote quantities.    Or you can submit an online Room Analysis Worksheet and receive our callback!

If you need to isolate the noise to within your room and can't commit to the dB-Bloc treatment outlined in the Walls section of this guide, consider the FabricBloc panels.   These are absorption panels lined with dB-Bloc designed to perform both the absorption within the room, and the transmission loss to outside the room.   Note that you would need 100% wall coverage if you opted for this treatment.

The products for this soundproofing treatment are featured in the Product Bin for Music Rooms.