Prison Soundproofing

Acoustic Challenge

Correctional facilities are filled with hard reflective surfaces.   Offenders housed inside have voices that carry down hallways, corridors, , cafeterias, cell blocks and multipurpose rooms.   Our goal is to lower the decibel levels in the facility by controlling the background noise.   This will deliver a more comfortable environment for the offenders and help maintain the peace.

Soundproofing Treatment

By installing a set of sound proofing panels or acoustical tiles around the room's perimeter, unwanted sound reflections from loud inmates can be captured and converted into kinetic energy.    This will help lower the background levels of noise in the room and reduce decibel level exposure.

Acoustic Results

With less background noise inside the facility, decibel levels from loud prisoners are lowered as offenders are able to communicate with less shouting.    This creates a more peaceful environment and helps offenders serve time under less stress.   We broadcast simulated results for soundproofing a prison in our Sound Chamber for your reference.


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Prisons are typically constructed of hard reflective surfaces that carry voice reflections down hallways and cell blocks that can have an adverse affect on other inmates.    Sound panel treatments in these facilities can help control the echoes and help keep the peace.    Panel treatments listed in our Product Bin are safe for use in this environment as they can not be used as potential weapons.

NetMetal Panels are bolted to your concrete or metal surfaces.   They are lined with acoustic fill designed to absorb the sound energy in the room.   They can be painted any color and cut to the size you prefer.    FireFlex can be glued to the surface of the wall to absorb the same energy with an easier installation.

Remember panel placement up high on your walls or direct to your ceiling will work just as well as placing material down low.   Keep your treatment up and out of the way of your inmates.    For gymnasium treatments, suspend our VET Baffles from the ceiling in rows and columns as instructed in our Gym Applications page.

The products for this soundproofing treatment are listed in the Product Bin for Prisons.