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10,000 Satisfied Clients

"Thank you NetWell Noise Control.   We got your sound panels installed and they turned out really nice.  I've gotten positive feedback from our church members, who rave about the soundproofing qualitites of your sound panel system, how well they work, and how great they look.  We are now anxious to host our next big function at our church."

Willie Fehr

"Received your sound panels in good shape.  They have been hung and the difference is amazing.  They look great and really took away the resonance and irritating sound bounce.  It really has helped the room tremendously.   My receptionist, who had to suffer the most, is ecstatic.  Thank you!"

Steve Bohn
Gualala Vet Clinic

"I was about to spend the year with 22 students in a room that echoed terribly. No Sound Panels! I have two hearing impaired students and others with some auditory discrimination difficulties and I was very concerned about how we might get through the year. I put a rug in the room which helped slightly. When we were able to install the sound panels, the echo disappeared. I hardly have to raise my voice to be heard and all of my students are benefiting from this quiet space. Thank you very much NetWell Noise Control!"

Abigail Reid
The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs

"Our restaurant has never sounded so great, and our sound panel system looks aweseome!  Thank you for protecting our repeat customers from what used to be a noisy space.   Your soundproofing treatments really do perform, and are more affordable than your competition's.  Thank you NetWell! Noise Control!"

Bobby Wigg
Tavern on Main

"The sound panels you prescribed for the soundproofing treatment of our school has worked amazingly well.  The collapse in perimeter noise is exactly as you described it would be.   Thank you Netwell Noise Control for your products, your customer service, and for making a difference in the lives of our students"

Graham Zemog
Harrison PSD

"Hope all is going well with you.  I wanted to give you an update on our sound panels and ask a favor.  First, our echo level has been greatly reduced.  We have people telling us that they can actually hear what is being said in the service.  The panels have made a huge difference.  It was money well spent.  Thank you NetWell Noise Control!

Jim Landis
Harmony Grove United Methodist Church

"We appreciate the products and support we got from Netwell Noise Control.  You willingly slipped our ship date when we got behind so we did not have to find a place to store the panels.  You were quick to answer our phone calls and emails
when we had a question and our panels look good and work perfect.  We will recommend you to anyone that has a need for sound panels."

Charles McManus
Spring Valley United Methodist Church

"Great product. I like the way it looks and especially the way it improves sound quality in my studio.  Excellent service and follow-up.  Thank You NetWell!"

Dr. Magda Havas
Ontario, Canada

"Just finished installing your sound panels and ceiling clouds.  Big difference.  NetWell was extremely helpful. Panels and Clouds have cut down the echo significantly. Just finished installing the dB-Bloc and have yet to test it out.  Thanks NetWell for making our room sound so great!."
Fr. Charles J. Tilley, S.J.
Director of Province Projects

"Just a quick follow up. After we had put only 3-4 vet baffles in our kennel room, we already noticed a significant improvement. We have now completed the installation of all the panels. We are extremely pleased with the results. The install was very easy and simple. The staff and clientle have all commented on how much less barking dogs we have now!! Thanks for your help and guidance with our project. I will try and email several photos."

Thanks Again.
Tom Rentschler DVM
Tea Veterinary Clinic

"I wanted to let you know that we are SO pleased with our new panels.  We hired someone to install them- and the difference was immediately noticeable.  Guests have responded positively and we are happy to have put our "echo" issue to sleep.

Heather Keenly
Lola's on HarrisonHollywood, FL

"Just wanted to drop you a message after we installed the Clouds I ordered. The client was very impressed and even bought us lunch. There was a very noticeable difference after the treatment. I attached a picture for you to check out. This was an addition to Johnny Carino’s here in Fargo that was unbearably loud with just a few diners and now it is amazingly quiet.  Thank you for your help and great products."

Scott Tally
Site on Sound
Fargo, ND

"Our NetWell installation was completed slightly over a month ago and the members of our church could not be more pleased.   Even our worst critic nominated my wife and I for a letter of appreciation for finding the solution to our sound control problem.   We thank you very much for your help, and Baylake United Methodist Church thanks you for solving our problem."

William Waller
Baylake United Methodist Church
Virginia Beach, VA

"We had a great experience with your professional staff.  Our loud dinning rooms are now more esthetically pleasing as well as more pleasant to be in due to a significant noise reduction. Thanks!"

Ralph Smith
McSeagulls Restaurant
Boothbay Harbor

"At last we have finally finished with our social room at the church.   I have had many compliments as to the big difference your Fabric Panels have made in the sound control of this room.    Thanks again to you for your expert help in the diagnosis of our treatment, the selection of our product, and the quantities needed to resolve our problem!"

Ken Hutchinson
Fairfield Glade First Baptist ChurchCypress, TX

"So I was a bit skeptical about spending the money on a product I knew nothing about with no real guarantee that it would work.  Well I am glad to say that I am more than pleased with the results. The change in sound is amazing and I am more than happy we did it. Thanks for your help NetWell!"

Mike Karas
Salt & Pepper Pub and Grill
Holland, MI

"Just wanted to let you know that the sound blankets arrived, we installed them in our makeshift sound editing booth and they are doing a better job than hoped for in noise reduction.  My appreciation to you and your company for your excellent product, technical support, and sales follow up."


Controlling Sound One Client at a Time

NetWell Noise Control is proud to release partial lists of satisfied clients to help celebrate their soundproofing results and encourage new customers to join our family.   We have sectioned our lists out by their sound control treatments, and remind you that these lists are only a glimpse of the thousands of satisfied customers who received their acoustical solutions through NetWell.   Also note that no residential references are listed here to protect the privacy of our customer base.



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