Soundproofing a Fellowship Hall

The Soundproofing Challenge

A fellowship hall is used for a variety of social gatherings.  As crowds begin to assemble, their collective voices continue to reflect off the surrounding surfaces in the room.   If these reflections are left untreated, background noise will begin to compete and interfere with ongoing conversational tones.    People will then attempt to raise their voices above the background noise, forcing a spike in the decibel level volume in a loud fellowship hall.   This creates a difficult listenig environment as people begin to strain just to hold conversation.  Especially true for senior citizens.

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Soundproofing Treatment

 Wall or ceiling mounted sound panels can be placed around the perimeter of the fellowship hall, wall or ceiling mounted, to effectively capture the unwelcome echoes within the room.   As a result, the background noise will collapse, as clarity to original sound is restored.   Conversations will return to normal, minus the strain to hear.  Improving a room's acoustics is all about echo control, and the sound panel options for a fellowship hall are many.   The Product Bin will showcase your options for you.  The key to the success of your soundproofing treatment is to ensure that you do NOT under treat your space.   We will run a free Room Analysis for your church to be sure that the right amount of material is being introduced.

Acoustic Results

Once the background noise in your Fellowship Hall collaoses, greater clarity to original sound signals are restored back into the room.   Conversations across table tops, kids voices, music in the space, pubic speakers, classes held, or for any other function the room may host, you will render the space so much more user friendly because of the improved acoustical sound in the space.   For your reference, we built a model for what this drop of echo will sound like in your Fellowship Hall, visit our Sound Chamber

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SoudproofingTips for a Fellowship Hall

Remember that our goal is to control sound reflections off the surrounding walls and ceiling of your room.   This clears out the background noise, and lowers the conversational tones in the room.    Echoes travel like a pebble wave in a pond, traveling at speeds that exceed 770 miles per hour.    The panels you select can therefore be placed as you wish throughout the room.   Do not be overly concerned with their placement, but do be careful on quantities.   Do not under treat the room, your results will deteriorate quickly.

Also, do not over treat the room.   There is a break-even point in sound absorption, beyond which the rate of absorption begins to stall.   Trust NetWell's advice on quantities and you will be fine.

Ceiling Clouds suspended out over the room are very popular for this treatment, more so than a wall treatment.   Remember that hovering horizontal panels down from the ceiling exposes the backside of the pieces.   This will help enhance the absorption coefficients of the material.    The Clouds can be suspended as tight to the ceiling as you like to not interfere with the lighting.   If your ceiling is unavailable to you for a Cloud treatment, consider a wall treament using our popular Fabric Panels or Whisperib Wallcovering.  All of these products are class A fire rated approved for use in your facility, and available in multiple colors that will compliment the design of your room.

The products listed for this treatment are featured in the Product Bin for soundproofing a fellowship hall.


"We purchased and installed sound panels in the multi purpose room and the noise level was reduced considerably.  Everyone appears happy with the installation."   John Fuehrer with Trinity Lutheran Church