Titan Pads







Titan Shock Pads protect floors, machines, and mounting devices against damaging impact shock and vibration.  These pads will support very heavy loads.  Made of a tough textile base laminated with a specially formulated oil resistant neoprene compound, these multiple ply pads provide protection and vibration isolation for machines and equipment ranging in size from compressors and air conditioners up large presses and forging hammers.  Titan Shock Pads are designed to fit between the subject machine and the floor or foundation on which it sits.  Titan Shock Pads are manufactured to Military Specification MIL-C-882 E.  These vibration isolation pads are cut to the prescribed size and available in thicknesses from 1/8 to 1 inch. 



Titan Shock Pads are generally utilized for applications exhibiting severe impact shock or extremely heavy loads such as stamping presses, forging hammers, compressors, generators, pumps, foundry equipment, motors, printing presses, etc.  These pads are also appropriate in applications where minimal pad deflections are necessary. 

Pad thickness is available from 1/8 inch up to 1 inch.  The 1" pad thickness is generally recommended for use under heavy machinery   This selection will insure that a maximum amount of inputted energy will be absorbed by the pad material proper.  It is further recommended that a design compressive load of 1500# psi maximum be used to ensure maximum pad life.  It is also recommended that when anchor bolts are being employed, a washer of Titan pad material be placed underneath the anchor nut to provide isolation for the upper side of the machine foot from the anchor bolt.  This will eliminate the possibility of telegraphing shock and vibration to the foundation through the anchor bolt. 

Titan pads are normally supplied cut to customer specifications complete with holes for anchor bolts if necessary for ready placement on the bearing surface of the foundation before the subject machine or equipment is moved into position.  The foundation surface should be clean and free of grease and foreign material.  It is recommended that the Titan pad be cemented in place with an appropriate adhesive to insure that the machine being mounted does not "walk" away from its location.

Titan pads do not incorporate a built-in leveling feature.  Shims or similar components can be utilized to level equipment in conjunction with this product.  Consideration should be given to utilizing a stiff machinery mount such as a Quantum PM or Quantum IM style mount if leveling is required.  Please contact our Help Desk for assistance with leveling methodologies.

Machine vibration transmitted into the floor and surrounding building structures can contribute to the problem of existing airborne noise caused directly by the subject equipment.   Much of the secondary high frequency vibration transmitted into the floor and surrounding building structures can be eliminated through use of proper isolation components.