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VET Baffles are the most popular sound baffle we sell.   They are class A fire rated, waterproof, easy to self install, durable, and one of the most cost effective ways to add the absorption coefficients that large open spaces need to control excessive sound wave reverberations.   Their popularity ranges in treatments from gymnasiums to industrial plants, restaurants, multipurpose rooms, and swimming pools.   These soundproofing panels simply free hang in rows and columns, spread across the expanse of a ceiling, to trigger a dramatic collapse in echo.   By removing the background noise from the room, clarity to original sound is restored.   From human voice to music, machine noise to crowds at sporting events, your room is rendered more user friendly simply by installing a set of these acoustic baffles.


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VET Baffles are designed to suspend vertically via their grommets from ceilings with exposed joists.   Simply positon them to stay clear of lighting, sprinkler heads and ventilation, and free hang them in rows and columns spread across the expanse of your ceiling.   For ceilings that "peak" in the center, baffles can be hung parallel to the spline of the middle of the room.   For ceilings that are "flat", we recommend you alternate their direction, formatting a design such as a checkerboard or herring bone pattern.

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VET Baffles are made of class A fire rated fiberglass, cut into 2'x4' panels and encapsulated with a PVC skin.   PVC is much like a tent canvas material.   The baffles are grommeted in two corners, clients provide their wire and mounting mechanism into the ceiling.   See Color Chart.

VET Baffles are ideal soundproofing treatments for open spaces with exposed joists, including the following.  Results can vary from space to space, there are no guarantees for an exact value triggered.

Soundproofing a Gymnasium

Soundproofing a Multipurpose Room

Soundproofing a Dog Kennel

Soundproofing a Prison

Soundproofing a Restaurant

Soundprofoing a Swimming Pool