Vibration Isolation Machinery Mounts

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The machine mounts and isolation pads represented in the following list have been designed to minimize the transmission of vibration in the working environment.  These mounts are designed for machinery that does not require rigid anchoring.  Reduced vibration levels will improve machine operation and operating efficiency, increase machine life, and provide a safer work environment.  Installations are fast, easy and inexpensive. 

Simply click on any product title listed below and you will be linked to the full product page and all corresponding support material.   For help in product selection and installation, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or fax a completed Machine Mount Worksheet to 1-763-694-8909.



Novibra M

Type M machinery mounts are ideal for applications requiring low frequency isolation.  These mounts are also suitable for shock attenuation due to the designed ability to provide large deflections.  Typical applications include: test cell equipment, electric motors, fans and computers to name a few.   Be sure to contact our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 to confirm product selection and installation guidelines.






Novibra RA

RA, RAEM, and Fail Safe EF machinery mounts are designed to provide excellent isolation performance while featuring a capability to anchor the mount directly to a floor or support structure without compromising the isolation characteristic.  This family of mounts is ideal for the effective isolation of vibration and noise for many different types of industrial machines with rotating movements such as: engines, fans, compressors, generators, pumps, etc.  Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 to confirm product selection and installation guidelines.





Novibra SAW

SAW machinery mounts provide isolation against horizontal vibrations.  These mounts exhibit high deflection capacity in the horizontal direction and low deflection capacity in the vertical direction.  These machinery mounts are ideal for heavy machinery such as crushers, vibrating screens, rolling mills, grinders and similar heavy duty equipment.   Call out help desk at 1-800-638-9355 to confirm product selection and installation guidelines.





U Series Mounts

The U Series Machinery Mounts are ideal for all types of general purpose machines and equipment that are equipped with built-in leveling screws.  These mounts feature a durable cast iron housing with a built-in elastomeric vibration isolation pad.  The R Series Machinery Mounts feature the U Series base with an attached free-floating leveling screw offering vertical adjustment up to two inches.






LR-200 and LR-500 Machine Mounts

The LR-200 and LR-500 Machinery Mounts are designed for lighter equipment applications.  The LR-200 is designed for loadings up to 250 pounds per mount while the LR-500 is designed for loadings up to 500 pounds per mount.  Both models feature a steel base with an elastomeric isolation pad and built-in leveling screw.  








Level-Rite Machinery Mounts

Level-Rite Machinery Mounts provide vibration isolation and leveling solutions for a broad spectrum of general purpose machinery and equipment.  These durable mounts feature ductile cast iron housings and impact plates, high strength mounting studs, and elastomeric vibration isolation pads. 






Tri-Wedge Machinery Mounts

Tri-Wedge Machinery Mounts are heavy duty, three piece wedge mounts designed to support, level, align and isolate a wide range of machinery.  These mounts are ideal for machinery where there are no "through holes" for leveling or anchoring components.  Vibration isolation pads are available for upper and lower mount surfaces.  






Quantum IM and IMW Mounts

Quantum IM Mounts are ideal for machinery and equipment that produce significant horizontal dynamics.  These mounts provide optimum leveling and alignment without anchoring the machine or the mounts to the floor.  Quantum IM mounts feature rugged ductile cast iron housings, super heavy-duty impact plates,  high-strength steel adjustment bolts , and a resilient anti-walk vibration isolation pad. 






Quantum PM Press Mounts

Quantum PM Press Mounts are ideal for stamping presses of all sizes and machines that produce severe vertical impact and shock.  Quantum PM Press Mounts feature extra heavy-duty construction with broad bases and larger diameter leveling bolts.  These mounts are designed for use with reciprocating or impact machinery and provide for close tolerance leveling adjustment.  Quantum PM Press Mounts are equipped with appropriately designed resilient isolation pads which effectively absorb shock and vibration while reducing noise and machine wear.