Why Buy Soundproofing from NetWell?


There are a myriad of soundproofing websites on the internet.   Most online shoppers are stepping into unchartered waters, unsure of what to expect, what to do, or who to trust.   All they know is that they have a noise problem, and need something done about it.   Online shopping is hard enough.   Let NetWell take the mystery out of the process.  Place your trust, and your soundproofing project, in our hands.  You won't be sorry, we don't get complaints back.  Ever.


Because 15,000 others have.

You are buying assurance.   Our soundproofing treatments work.  Our products perform.  We don't get complaints.

Because we know what we're doing.  

22 years of designing soundproofing treatments means we've seen it all.   We know what works and what doesn't, what pitfalls to avoid, and what you can reasonably expect as a result.

Because we sell treatments, not products.  

We don't one-line-list our products on the home page and expect our clients to know what to buy.   Care must be given in advance of your order, tailoring the right product around your starting point, and putting the right quantities into play that will trigger the sound values you are seeking.

Because our treatments are easy to replicate over and over again.

You feed us your room's size, shape and surface textures, in turn we will calculate your treatment for you and price it out.  Instantly.   Soundproofing seems mysterious, but in fact, it's easy to replicate the same treatment over and over again depending on what your sound issue is.    Just call and ask for help.

Because you can trust us.

We have treated upwards of 15,000 commercial, industrial or residential spaces over a 22 year span.   While there is no "cure" to noise, and no treatment delivers 100% elimination, our acoustic products do perform, our treatments will deliver lower exposure levels to noise.   We do not get complaints back from our customers because we are careful to diagnose the treatment and get it right.

Because of our track record.

From our vantage point, your sound project will parallel others who once stood in your same shoes.   They had the same noise problem, they made the same online discovery of NetWell, and made the same initial phone call into our offices asking for help.    That track record is now yours to tap into.

Because of our product mix.

Few online resources offer as extensive a product line in the field of soundproofing.   This means we have more to pick from, we are better equipped to handle your soundproofing issues than a resource that has a more limited, vertical product mix.

Because we price match.

Found the same product elsewhere on the net?   Call and we'll match the price, if the products we've quoted are an apples-to-apples comparison.