Sanctuary Sound

The spoken word in a sanctuary is often threatened by unwelcome sound wave reverberations within the space.   As echoes permeate throughout the room, clarity to speech gives way to background noise, and the audience is lost.   Key to the success of any sanctuary is the ability to convert these background noise signals, so that in turn, greater clarity to speech is produced.   As echoes collapse, speech patterns become more discernible.    The space becomes more user friendly.    Adding to the need for qualtiy sound are the contemporary church services that also introduce drums, bass guitars and other loud impact sounds that can cause continued distortions within the space.   The question is what can be done to help the space improve its acoustic presentation to the audience.   The answer is simple:  sound panels.

Soundproofing a sanctuary is really nothing more than introducing a set of sound panels designed to absorb echoes and better control the level of exposure to background noise within the space.   These panels can be custom cut to size and color, matching the decorative them to the space, and easily surface mounted to perimeter walls by volunteers at the church.   Sound panels should be class A fire rated, measuring 1″ thick for traditional worship, or 2″ thick for contemporary.   Thicker panels will trigger greater absorption coefficients down at the low bass end.

In particular, the Fabric Panels shown here at NetWell are the most popular selection for a sound panel treatment in a sanctuary.    They are wrapped in more than 60 color options, and cut to the panel dimensions that will best match your wall configuration.   Panels can also be cut as Ceiling Clouds to be suspended from your sanctuary to “float” mechanically out over the room.   Regardless of the location of your panel system, the key to the success of your treatment is to ensure that you are not “undertreating” your space.   Call NetWell’s help desk at 1-800-638-9355 with your room’s dimensions, and we can calculate that total for you.   There is a pre-determined number of square feet of our panel systems that is appropriate for any space based on its size, shape, surface textures and noise sources.   That calculation will be what triggers the sound values you are seeking, and is also used to trigger your quote.   

Sanctuary sound does not have to be filled echo.   You do have the ability to clean the room acoustically and protect your worshipers.   For more information on the Fabric Panel treatment, check them out here on our website and call our help desk for more informaiton!


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