Soundproof Phone Booths

For loud, noise infested spaces where cell phone use is rendered useless, there’s a unique soundproof phone booth on the market that attacks ambient perimeter noise to deliver great clarity to cell phone communication.   The booth is called an Acousitbooth, and is featured online at

The Acoustibooth is able to knock out up to 90% of the ambient perimter noise, to deliver greater clarity to your phone communication.   It is designed to be structurally mounted to posts, walls, desk tops or other.   Made of stianless steel, and lightweight, the Acoustibooth is an ideal addition to loud public spaces that include shopping malls, airports, factories, mechanical rooms, auto body shops, and a host of other commercial or industrial venues where telephone communication is a must, but noise is a deterrant.

The Acoustibooth measures just 28″ wide x 30″ tall and cantilevers from 15″ at the base depth to 24″ at the top.   Landline phones can also be cabled through the backside of the booth to deliver the same level of phone clarity that is generated for cell phone users.


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