Floor Soundproofing

Floorfighter Sound Barrier Underlayment

Combat Common Floor Ceiling Assembly Noise With FloorfighterFloorfighter is a rubber based floor underlayment made form recycled rubber tires. It is designed for subfloor use under laminate or engineered hardwood floors, ceramic tile, marble, carpet, linoleum or most any other finished flooring surface.   Floorfigher is a free floating floor underlay that can also be used directly beneath a carpet pad and carpet for combatting sound transmission down through a common floor/ceiling assesmbly system.  FloorFighter is capable of delivering luxury grade sound transmission values to your facility.   The material is available in 4'x25' rolls, and simply free floats beneath your flooring surface.   Ideal for foot noise, squeaky floors, and loud upstairs neighbors!




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Floorfighter will ship in 4'x25' rolls direct to your project site.   Simply roll the material out like a carpet pad, and place your flooring surface over it.  Be sure to advise NetWell as to the finished flooring surface you will be installing over the Floorfighter.   There are (2) versions of the material.   The first is for clients who need to glue down there top surface, the second is for a dry fit float.   Also note if you are nailing a tongue-in-groove wooden flooring surface, it is recommended that you nail straight into a wooden substrate and place the Floorfighter below that substrate.





Floorfighter is a dense sound barrier underlay, weighing in at more than 100 pounds per 4'x25' rolls.  The material is available in 2 thicknesses.   The 1/4" thickness (6 mm) is ideal for residential or commercial grade flooring surfaces, while the 1/2" thickness (12 mm) is ideal for more industrial grade and stronger dB sources.   For help in selecting your thickness contact NetWell ast 1-800-638-9355.   Allow 7-10 days to deliver up on order.