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Controlling noise levels in a bar can be difficult. As the alcohol pours, and conversations build, the noise in the room can quickly get out of hand. The hard reflective surfaces in the bar, which lend themselves for clean-ability, combine to bounce the sound wave reflections around inside the room. The resulting echoes build to unwelcome levels of background noise, which in turn, forces your patrons to raise their voices in order to hold a conversation. The noise in the room peaks as the loudest voices and the unwelcome echoes crash into each other. They combine to spike your decibel levels and produce the unfriendly environment you are experiencing, which in turns threatens your repeat customer.

Your Bar Soundproofing Solution

Treating your Bar for better quality sound is all about taking the echoes out of your room. The spikes in noise that you are experiencing can be controlled by increasing the absorption coefficients in your bar with a set of sound panels. Sound panels are designed to capture and convert the echoes from your space. The values back you are seeking rest in product selection and ensuring we deliver the right amount of square footage to your project. The panels can be placed as you wish, wall or ceiling mounted inside your Bar. Use the Room Analysis button at the top or bottom of this page to submit room dimensions, and we will guide you through the process.

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Featured Sound Panel

Fabric Panels are the most popular sound panel option for soundproofing a bar. These are Class A fire rated sound absorbing panels that produce premium sound quality within your space by collecting the echoes in the room and dissipating the noise. The panels are cut to the cavity size you ask for, once we assess the project with our Room Analysis and give you a square foot target to aim for. They will be shipped with a set of clips that will allow you to easily flush mount them to perimeter wall or ceiling surfaces inside your Bar. They can also float off your ceiling as a set of Ceiling Clouds if you would rather.

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Related Product Options

Fabric Panels are wrapped in 60 different color options. Some clients like the idea of upgrading their treatment to feature graphics, logos, artwork, photography or vintage images on their panels, to place as murals around the room.   These deisgner panels are called PicturePanels.  Vintage B&W images, local area artists, musicians, your sound panels can become a visual feast for the eyes inside your Bar. But they do double your square foot price, so if budgets are key, stay with the solid color panels. Also, note that Fabric Panels can also be rigged to float mechanically off your ceiling as a Ceiling Cloud, a popular method for controlling echoes while leaving the walls in your Bar as they are.

Why We Love The Fabric Panel

Fabric Panels are Class A fire rated, decorative, durable, easy to self-install, available in 60 colors, and can be upgraded to double as bulletin boards or have graphics printed onto them. They can be placed as you wish around the room’s perimeter, wall or ceiling mounted, evenly dispersed with nice even site lines. This is the most popular sound panel product that we sell, and have been at it for over 25 years.


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Your Four Steps to Quiet:

1.  Measure Your Room

We need the cubic footage of your space. Measure your room’s length, width, and height.

2.  Submit Room Analysis

Use the button at the top or bottom of this page to submit your room’s dimensions.

3.  Approve the Quote

We will define the framework for your treatment and submit back your quote for approval.

4.  Self Install

Your sound panels will drop ship to your doorstep.  Our treatments are cost effective, and designed for self-installation.

Case Studies

NetWell Noise Control has provided sound panel treatments for tens of thousands of satisfied customers over the past 25 years. Some of our more recent projects are featured in our Case Study library. The images and storylines there might be helpful to you as you ponder your upcoming soundproofing treatment.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Why are bars so loud?

Bars are designed with cleanliness in mind, which means there are many hard, reflective surfaces in the space. This results in unwelcome background noise and sound waves that bounce around the room. As conversations build, the noise levels spike due to these echo.  The room becomes too loud for people to hear each other.  This forces the patrons to raise their voices over the background noise, which spikes the noise levels to even greater heights.  To soundproof your bar, the goal is to control the echo with sound panels, which in turn produces lower levels of background noise.

How to design a new bar for premium sound quality

When designing a new bar for premium sound quality, it’s important to keep the noise from traveling into the dining area. You can separate the two areas with a wall, or you can install bar soundproofing treatments that will absorb the noise. A set of acoustic panels can adequately capture and convert the echoes within your noise infested bar.   This will soundproof your bar and deliver clarity to conversation over table tops or bar stools.

How to soundproof an existing bar

You can preserve the ambience of your bar and give your customers the best possible experience with bar soundproofing treatments. Sound panels can be placed anywhere you wish — wall or ceiling mounted. We also have Ceiling Clouds that can be rigged to float mechanically from your ceiling, so you can leave the walls as they are. If you’re interested in the soundproofing design to your space, clients can upgrade their acoustic treatment to include graphics, logos, artwork and imagery printed onto the face of their sound panels.

How does bar noise impact repeat customers?

Because bars have many hard, reflective surfaces, it’s easy for sound waves to bounce around the room and spike noise levels.  Customers will continually have to raise their voices to be heard, which will only increase the noise exposure levels within the space.  This will create an unenjoyable experience for patrons and affect the overall atmosphere. That’s why it’s important to invest in soundproofing your bar with a set of NetWell sound panles: protecting your repeat customers from the noise will protect the long term success of your bar and keep them coming back.

Why do some owners choose noise over bar soundproofing treatments?

An owner might choose to have a loud bar and not invest in soundproofing treatments.   Mainly these bar owners are either on tighter budgets and unable to make the proper investment into bar soundproofing, or they might prefer the customers not linger in their seats for too long.  Some bar owners favor the noise. They use the noise to rotate customers in and out of their seats more quickly in an attempt to sell more drinks to more people.  But this comes at the risk of losing repeat customers.

How to protect your dining area with bar soundproofing

If your dining area doesn’t have dividing walls to separate it from your bar, the goal is to lower exposure levels by evenly placing a set of sound panels throughout the bar and dining area. Bar soundproofing treatments are not directional; they won’t lower just the dining area noise or just the bar area noise. They will work collectively to absorb and eliminate the echoes that are spiking noise levels. By removing the echoes from the room with our Fabric Panels, your decibel levels in both the bar and dining area will collapse back to comfortable acoustic levels.

Why is acoustic foam a bad choice for bar soundproofing treatments?

While acoustic foam is an ideal sound panel for a studio setting, it is not ideal for restaurant space. Acoustic foam is a chemically based product that will turn to dust over time.  Also, most acoustic foam panels are not class A fire rated, and should never be put in a loud bar to control the noise.  When the foam panel begins to decay, it emits dust particles into your ventilation system and sprinkles them out over your eating and drinking areas. As a result, acoustic foam should never be used to soundproof a bar.  Always opt for the class A version of our sound panels, which are made of compressed fiberglass. See our Fabric Panels.

How many sound panels are needed for soundproofing a bar?

Soundproofing a bar is all about placing the right amount of sound panels into the space, regardless of location. The key to ensuring that your sound values are met lies in getting these coverage amounts correct. The size, shape and surface textures in your bar will tell us how much square footage of sound panel is needed to collapse your noise levels and soundproof your bar. Simply call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355, or submit a Room Analysis form so we can calculate your Fabric Panel coverage amounts.

Where should bar soundproofing panels be placed?

Location is regardless for bar soundproofing treatments as long as you place the right amount of panels in your space. Just be sure the sound panels are exposed to the room and not hidden behind a surface or under chairs and tabletops. Your Fabric Panels can be wall or ceiling mounted as you wish, flush mounted to your surfaces, or cloud mounted to “float” mechanically off your ceiling.

What are the benefits in using NetWell’s bar soundproofing treatments?

Without bar soundproofing, the voices in your bar will spike to uncomfortable levels. Patrons will begin to raise their voices over the competing background noise, which will spike the noise levels even further. Once your Fabric Panels are placed inside your bar, these noise levels will be caught and captured by the sound panels, restoring the room to premium sound quality. The favorable sound values in your bar will help build a stronger base of repeat customers, since loud bars concede traffic to soundproofed bars.

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