Soundproofing Your Call Center

Call centers are typically large rooms that are filled with numerous operators talking to customers on headsets. Multiple voices, all at the same time, fill the airwaves inside the room. As their echoes continue to bounce off the perimeter wall, ceiling and floor surfaces, the phone bank operators strain to hold a conversation over the phone with their customers, and the decibel levels in the room continue to spike. That’s why it’s important to invest in call center soundproofing. The poor work environment blurs sound signals, threatens clarity to speech, and limits the effectiveness of the phone conversation. The key to producing a more user-friendly call center environment is to install call center noise reduction products and eliminate the echo.

Your Call Center Soundproofing Solution

Premium sound quality is produced by introducing call center soundproofing products. For example, sound panels, wall or ceiling mounted, can effectively capture and convert the echoes from your room. Sound panels are designed to control the unwanted levels of background noise, which in turn, lowers crowd noise, improves speech clarity, and produces a more productive work environment for your phone operators. The key to success of your call center soundproofing treatment lies in product selection and quantities needed. Use our Room Analysis tool at the top or bottom of this page to submit the dimensions of your call center, and we will target the appropriate amount of panel required to restore your space to premium quality sound.

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Featured Sound Panel Option

Fabric Panels are the ideal choice for providing effective call center noise reduction. We will custom cut them to the size you want, wrap them in your color preference, and ship them with the clips you will need to anchor them mechanically to perimeter wall or ceiling surfaces. They can also be cut to match the inset cavity size of desktop workstation cubicles, and upgrades are available to make the panels double as bulletin boards.

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Related Sound Panel Options

There is a tackable version of the Fabric Panel that converts the sound panel to a bulletin board.   This is called a FabricTack panel and is popular as an inset into a work desk environment.   Another popular alternative sound panel option is our Pyramid foam panels that can mounted as you wish around your room.   And finally, if you have an exposed joist metal deck ceiling, the VET Baffles are yet another means for introducing sound control into your Call Center environment.

Why We Love The Fabric Panel

Fabric Panels can be cut to match the cavity size of any available surface space inside your Call Center. These are colorful, durable, portable sound panels that are Class A fire rated, easy to self-install, and work great to control the ambient noise levels in your space.  These soundproofing panels are designed to produce a more worker-friendly environment for your phone operators.

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Your Four Steps to Quiet:

Measure Your Room

We need the cubic footage of your space. Measure your room’s length, width, and height.

Submit Room Analysis

Use the button at the top or bottom of this page to submit your room’s dimensions.

Approve the Quote

We will define the framework for your treatment and submit back your quote for approval.

Self Install

Your sound panels will drop ship to your doorstep.  Our treatments are cost effective, and designed for self-installation.

Case Studies

Our Case Study Library showcases a variety of sound panel treatments for our clients to review.   The story lines and images can help you visualize your treatment, and prepare you for your upcoming acoustic project.   Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 for any related questions.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

How Does Noise Impact Worker Productivity in a Call Center Environment?

Call Centers are typically large rooms that are designed for quantity rather than quality. They are filled with multiple operators who are all talking at the same time. As the noise increases, and the echoes bounce around the room, the operators strain to hold a conversation. They are unable to hear their customers on the phone, which wastes time for both parties. Without proper call center soundproofing, work productivity decreases.

The Impact Office Noise Has on Absenteeism and Turnover

It’s important to create a comfortable work environment when running a call center business. Call centers have multiple operators who talk at the same time. This makes it difficult for workers to be heard and causes them to raise their voices. The spike in noise creates an atmosphere that is hard to correct without call center soundproofing products. Due to the consistently poor work environment, workers may choose to be absent or find a different job, resulting in an overall high turnover rate.

What Is the Cost to Your Company If You Don’t Control Your Noise Levels?

The ultimate cost is not being able to retain your employees. There may be constant turnover, which means you’ll have to hire new people. Because of this, you’ll have to continually train your new hires, which ultimately wastes your time and money. By investing in acoustic panels, you choose to bypass the constant turnover, and ultimately, invest in your employees.

How to Reduce Noise Levels for Telemarketers in a Call Center

Sound panels are the easiest way you can reduce noise levels in your space. By mounting them to the wall or ceiling, you can effectively capture and convert the noise that is disrupting your work environment. The key to success, however, lies in your product selection and coverage amount. By providing the right room measurements, you can have adequate soundproofing. See our Room Analysis for more information.

How Can Cubicle Work Desks Use Call Center Noise Reduction for Privacy?

Our FabricTack Panel is a popular option as an inset for the workspace. Not only can it be converted to a bulletin board, but it also serves as an effective sound panel for noise absorption. It can be customized to the size and color you want. With over 60 different color options, they are a great choice for work desk soundproofing.

Does Call Center Soundproofing Make Telemarketers Less Loud?

No. Sound panels will not make telemarketers less loud. Sound panels will make the room less loud. The noise levels in a loud call center are caused by the phone operators’ voices as they reflect and bounce around the room. As the echoes spike to uncomfortable levels, the noise works to interfere with the productivity of the operators. Fabric Panels will combine to capture these sound wave reflections, lowering the level of noise in the room, and creating a more comfortable work environment for the phone operators.

How Many Sound Panels Does My Call Center Need?

The size, shape and surface textures of your call center will determine the amount of sound panels needed to properly soundproof your room. Simply feed your room’s dimensions into our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or submit a Room Analysis. We will calculate your sound panel coverage amounts for you. The sound values you seek for call center noise reduction lie in not undertreating the room with acoustic panels. Our calculations are based on more than 26 years of defining projects just like yours.

Where to Place Sound Panels Inside Your Call Center

Acoustic panels can be placed as you wish within your call center environment. The bulk of our projects will target the top 1/3 of your perimeter wall space, or ceiling, for sound panel placement. The goal will be to evenly distribute the soundproofing panels as best you can around the room’s perimeter. You can also have us cut the panels as insets into the cubicle work station locations, as well as upgrade the panels to make them double as bulletin boards for your phone operators. See FabricTack Panels.

What Are the Benefits in Using NetWell’s Call Center Soundproofing?

By capturing and converting unwanted echoes from your call center environment, our sound panels will lower the noise exposure levels in your room. In turn, the phone operators will work in a more calm and comfortable environment, lowering levels of absenteeism and turnover, while raising levels of worker productivity. As a result, soundproofing your call center will increase the profitability to your company.

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Step #1:  Free Room Analysis

The goal with your soundproofing treatment is to get the right amount of sound panel introduced into your room.   Use our Room Analysis to submit your room dimensions, and we will calculate your totals and quote back.

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Your Room Analysis

The key to the success of your sound panel treatment lies with getting the coverage amounts right. Our goal is to safeguard against under treating your space and conceding sound values back. Please submit the information below, and we will report back with the results of your Room Analysis, and quote your project.