Vinyl Strip Curtains

Strip Curtains or sound doors are clear vinyl strip curtains that suspend vertically in a door or opening to combat sound bleed.   Strip Curtains  are  used as acoustic traffic doors to block sound while still allowing passage of people and equipment through the curtain system.   We include a double layer of transparent curtains, with a 100% overlap to cover the seams.    The universal mounting hardware is included and  will allow you to anchor the  vinyl Strip Curtains  to any wall or header.    Ideal for sound control where access and entry are a must.

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strip curtains for acoustic doors

Acoustical Doors

Strip Curtain systems can be custom cut to fit any cavity size or door opening and make perfect acoustical doors for commercial & industrial sites.    The systems ship as a kit and include 14 gauge galvanized steel mounting hardware along with the clear vinyl strips that clamp together.   The strips come in different width options.  For 0-10′ height, go with the 8″ wide strip curtains, for 10-14′ height, opt for the 12″ width, and for systems that are 14′-25′ in height, go with the 16” wide strip system.   Use 100% overlap between the front and back rows of the curtain system to maximize sound transmission loss.

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Opening Height
Strip Width
8" wide
12" wide
16" wide


Strip Curtains are priced by the square foot.   Measure the width & height of your opening and use the table seen here to calculate your costs.   Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 for questions or to place your order.

Width of Strips
Square Foot Price
$9 per square foot
$10 per square foot
$11 per square foot


Strip Curtains will come with the mounting hardware you’ll need to install the vinyl strip curtains into place.   Your installation options include bolting the header bracket to the wall directly above, or to the underside, of the cavity opening.   Once the header bracket is anchored in, the strips are individually placed into the bracket as both a front and a back row prior to clamping the system shut tight.  

QBS Blankets

The only reason you should be considering the Strip Curtain system for your noise control application is if you need to gain entrance and exit through the system.    If you do not need full access, or even partial access, consider switch the project over to the QBS Sound Barrier Blankets.   These blanket systems offer lower levels of leakage and produce more favorable sound protection.

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QBS sound barrier blankets by NetWell Noise Control


Strip Curtains will ship as kits to your door step, delivered by Fedex for smaller projects, or common carrier for larger projects.   For questions related to your treatment, be sure to contact our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 prior to ordering.

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