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We chose to collapse all the various HVAC soundproofing projects into a single page, as most of them are common to the overall sound issues you may be experiencing, and the means by which to resolve your noise.   HVAC noise centers around mechanical airflow stemming from furnace rooms and air conditioners, to ducts that transport that airflow.   The soundproofing treatments shown here all center around NetWell’s line of sound barrier products designed to lower your level of exposure.

Mechanical Rooms

Loud mechanical rooms can include furnace rooms, elevator shafts, control rooms, computer rooms or rooms that house stationary noise sources such as generators, compressors, dust collection, or pump rooms.   The goal with these HVAC sound dampening treatments is to contain the noise to within the room and protect against the bleed of the noise out.   Step 1 with these projects is to line the perimeter walls and ceiling, where applicable, with a set of QBS Sound Barrier blankets.   The blankets can be customized to match the profile of your common surfaces, including any cutout as needed.   They are class A fire rated and work great to hold the noise to within your mechanical room.


QBS Blankets

QBS Blankets are class A fire rated and the ideal choice for isolating mechanical noise to within a room.   They can also be cut to match the dimensions of any framing built around your noise source, and serve as a sound barrier enclosure to your stationary noise source.    The QBS Blankets are cut to size, with velcroed seams for interconnection, and grommets for quick and easy installation and access.   Averaging 12-18 dB drops, the blankets are popular for a wide variety of HVAC noise in the commercial, industrial and residential markets.

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NetLag for Ducts

NetLag is a sound barrier lagging material that ships to your project site in 54″ x 30′ rolls.   This material is designed to wrap like a sound barrier jacket around your duct work to hold the noise to within the duct.   This external wrap can also be jacketed around drain pipes.   Noise control projects that target the HVAC industry are all unique based on their starting points, but it is quite often our clients will combine the the QBS Blanket application with the NetLag material to help minimize leakage and escaping noise, such as with a dust collection system.

Outdoor Noise

While the sound barrier QBS Blanket system is ideal for isolating noise inside your building, we upgrade for exterior treatments to a product called QBO Blankets.   These are basically the same sound barrier curtain system, with an upgraded skin designed to repel the weather elements.   QBO Blankets are ideal for affixing to framework built around stationary noise sources such as air conditioners, generators, outdoor pool pumps, and a variety of other stationary noise sources outdoors   The QBO Blankets are also ideal for temporary sound barrier walls at construction sites.

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In addition to the sound barrier blanket and lagging products designed to deaden sound transfer, there are times when mechanical noise requires more sound control within the room the noise is being generated from.   An example would be a computer rack room with employees sharing the same space.   Here, the goal would be to control the exposure to echoes, more than blocking original sound.   And for this application, we introduce you to the popular sound panel called Fireflex.   This is a class A fire rated foam panel that can be cut/pasted to the interior walls of your mechanical room to further deaden the exposure levels to noise.

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Quoting Your Project

Controlling noise related to HVAC is most always a customized project.   Step 1 would be to call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 and feed us the dimensions of your project.   From there we can design the framework for your treatment and quote your project back.

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The key to the success of your sound panel treatment lies with getting the coverage amounts right. Our goal is to safeguard against under treating your space and conceding sound values back. Please submit the information below, and we will report back with the results of your Room Analysis, and quote your project.