About Your Noise

Computer Rack noise is distracting and loud. If you have employees stationed either inside the same room as the racks, or in an adjoining room that shares a common wall to the computer room, the employees will be exposed to uncomfortable levels of noise that will hinder their work environment and impede their productivity.

Your Soundproofing Solution

The goal with your soundproofing treatment is to isolate the server racks’ noise to a contained area and protect employees around its perimeter.   This is accomplished using sound barrier blankets that block directional sound., they can be floor mounted or ceiling suspended.   The blankets will combine to lower the noise exposure levels within the room, or block the noise from transmitting through common wall surfaces.   The compliment to the treatment is to then place sound absorption panels inside the contained area to reduce the reflected pressure and dissipate the noise that might otherwise leak out through exposures, openings, doors, ventilation systems, plenum space and more.   Place the sound absorption panels inside the area defined by the blankets to maximize your noise reduction levels.

Featured Sound Panel Option

QBS Sound Barrier Blankets are class A fire rated and approved for use in your space.   We will custom cut them to the cavity size that works best for your space requirements.   The blankets should be hung out in front of the computer racks to protect those inside the room, and against any wall that is common to an adjoining room where the noise is bleeding into.

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Alternative Acoustic Product Options

In addition to using the QBS Blankets to block directional sound, the Pyramid sound panels are the great compliment to the treatment.   Line these sound panels on available surfaces inside the blanketed area to reduce the noise being trapped by the blankets.   Pyramids will help control leakage as the QBS blankets block the noise.

Why We Love The QBS Blankets:  Noise Control

QBS Blankets are class A fire rated, durable, portable and easy to self install.   They can be taken down with ease for maintenance on the computer racks.  Care should be given for proper ventilation, which is why a computer rack enclosure project always leaves room for ventilation.   The FireFlex panels will help slow any leakage that may otherwise result.   QBS blankets can block up to 90% of your bleeding noise.

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Your Four Steps to Quiet:

Measure Your Room

We need the cubic footage of your space. Measure your room’s length, width, and height.

Submit Room Analysis

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Approve the Quote

We will define the framework for your treatment and submit back your quote for approval.

Self Install

Your sound panels will drop ship to your doorstep.  Our treatments are cost effective, and designed for self-installation.

Don’t Forget The Foam

While the QBS sound barrier blankets do their job and house the noise to within your contained area, the best compliment to the treatment not to ignore is to add a set of Pyramids to the back wall behind your computer racks.   This acoustic foam is class A fire rated, and will help to capture and convert the trapped sound pressure held inside your computer room.   The result?  Less echo, and less leakage through open flanking paths.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

How to Design a Computer Room for Noise Control

The proper design for a sound insulated computer room depends on whether there are employees sharing the common space. If your space is primarily used by employees, the goal is to anchor the sound absorption panels to the back walls behind the computer racks. This will eliminate noise exposure due to echoes. Then, set a floor-mounted QBS sound barrier blanket out in front of the computer racks to block directional noise and protect the people within the room. For computer rooms that house just the computer racks, and no employees, the goal switches to containing the noise to within the room.  Place the same QBS sound barrier blanket flush to the perimeter walls of the room and block up to 90% of the transmitting noise through the common wall to the adjoining office space.

The Impact Loud Server Racks Have on Worker Productivity

Decibel levels that exceed 85 dBa will cause hearing loss. Computer rooms tend to run in the 80-85 dBa range, pushing noise exposure to almost dangerous levels when timed over 8 hours. Excessive noise levels will slow worker productivity and make employees more prone to error. Computer room soundproofing protects the efficiency and profitability of your company.

Why Computer Racks Are So Loud and How to Measure Their Noise Levels

Because computer racks produce excessive noise levels that come close to peaking at 85 dBa, all employers should work to stay under this level for hearing protection. To measure your noise exposure levels, there are sound meters available (for less than $100) for purchase online. If your rating is close to or exceeds 85 dBa, you should follow the necessary steps to soundproof your server racks.

How Do I Isolate My Computer Noise From an Adjoining Office Space?

Common walls that separate an office from a computer room can easily be sound insulated by applying QBS noise control blankets to your perimeter walls. These sound barrier curtain systems can block up to 90% of the transmitting noise to help create a soundproof computer room.

Will Soundproofing My Computer Room Lower My Noise Exposure Levels?

Yes. Our Pyramid acoustic foam will lower the sound levels inside your room, while QBS sound barrier curtains will block the noise from bleeding out of the room. Up to 90% of the transmitting noise can be isolated and contained with our sound absorption panels.

How to Isolate Computer Rack Noise From Adjoining Office Space

Sound barrier QBS Blankets can be custom cut and suspended as a portable wall that can lay in and around your loud server racks. Either suspend them from a floor-mounted frame, the ceiling, or against the common wall to an adjoining office space. These soundproof server racks will deaden up to 90% of the noise bleed, and deliver a soundproof computer room.

How Sound Barrier Blankets Isolate Server Rack Noise

Sound barrier blankets, such as our QBS Blankets, are lined with a thin dense membrane called mass loaded vinyl. This dense membrane is layered and sewn into the core of each noise control curtain, and gives the soundproofing curtain the density it needs to help combat the sound waves attempting to bleed through the curtain. As your server rack generates noise and attempts to pass through the blanket, the transmission of noise is deadened due to the weight of the curtain. This produces a soundproof computer room.

Where Acoustic Foam Helps With Computer Noise and Where It Does Not

Pyramid acoustic foam panels have no weight, and no ability to deaden the directional noise like QBS sound barrier blankets. These soundproofing foam panels will not stop your computer rack noise from bleeding to the next room. However, these same acoustic foam panels are highly absorptive and work great to help lower sound wave reflections from your server rack. If your server rack shares common space with employees, hang the sound barrier curtains outside of the space, and glue the acoustic foam to the back walls behind the racks to help reduce noise exposure levels inside the server room. Acoustic foam makes the noise inside the server room less loud.

What Are the Benefits in Using NetWell’s Sound Blankets in Your Computer Room?

Worker productivity is compromised by exposure to unwelcome levels of office noise, including noise stemming from loud server racks. By better controlling your server rack noise with sound absorption panels, employees are more productive and less prone to error, absenteeism, and turnover. The bottom line is to better control your computer noise by investing in soundproofing that will add to the long-term profitability of your company.

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