Perfecting Church Acoustics

Church acoustics play a key role in building and sustaining a satisfied congregation. To grow and nourish your membership, attention paid to the sound values within your Church will enrich the worship experience and enhance fellowship.   Ignoring the importance of sound quality can subvert attendance and compromise the sustained growth of your Church community.

To unlock the potential for your House of Worship, and reward your membership with functional acoustic space, your custom church soundproofing treatment is just one phone call away.   We look forward to hearing from you and transforming your Church to premium sound quality with acoustic sound panels.

Purchasing and Installing a New Sanctuary Sound System?

Upgrading a sound system in a church sanctuary is often a significant capital expense.  You may not get the results envisioned without upgrading the room’s acoustics.  Soundproofing wall and ceiling panels to cut down on reverberations and echoing are essential. All sanctuaries are different.

One size does not fit all.  Check with an expert before considering what types, size, or position of panels are needed.  Try our free room analysis to get started.

Church Acoustic Basics

The article in “Church Production” describes some of the primary considerations when upgrading acoustics and sound systems in your Church’s sanctuary.  The article refers to:

  • Direct sound
    • The sound is coming directly from the sound system.  Direct sound is the most exact most recognizable sound to your ears.
  • Early reflections
    • Depending on the placement of the speakers, the sound may reflect off of surfaces before even reaching the congregation.
  • Reverberation
    • The direct sound ways and early reflections start bouncing off of other objects in the sanctuary mixing with the original sound waves.
  • Echoes.
    • The reverberations become echos when sound waves return to the origin of the sound from more distant surfaces.

The mixture of these four characteristics of sound can make it hard to distinguish the voices of the choir and the clarity of the music.   A soundproofing and acoustic expert can help you sort out the potential problems and recommend solutions tailored to your church sanctuary.  Contact us with your questions.

Fellowship Hall Acoustics

Acoustics in a churches’ fellowship hall can also be problematic.  Similar to a large restaurant, voices create sound waves that bounce off surfaces in all directions in addition to the sound system.


Fellowship halls are often multipurpose rooms with hardwood or tile floors.  The sound waves love to bounce off these hard surfaces onto the walls and ceiling and then reverberating back.


Selective placement of sound panels for church on the walls or ceiling can cut down the reverberating soundwaves considerably.  Room curtitions or wall panels that will cut down the size of the room for smaller gatherings help much.

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Soundproofing Your Sanctuary

By soundproofing your Sanctuary with acoustic sound panels, you engage your audience with greater clarity to the spoken word and produce more control over the choral and musical presentations to the congregation. Echoes will cause blurred sound signals unless your Sanctuary is properly treated for noise control.

Speech patterns that would otherwise be difficult to hear, will become crystal clear to your audience once your echoes are under control.   This is especially true for senior citizens.

Once your sermons, prayers, scriptures, and messaging are broadcast with greater clarity, the congregation will respond with more attentive favor as your Sanctuary operates at peak acoustic performance.  Your congregation will thank you as attendance swells, tithing grows, and fellowship within your church community expands.

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acoustic sound panels and acoustic tiles for churches

Fabric Acoustic Sound Panels

Fabric Panels are cloth wrapped acoustic solutions for churches that will add beauty and elegance to your Church, while simultaneously capturing the unwelcome echoes that are causing your noise issues.  By placing a set of these sound absorbing panels for churches within your Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, Nursery, Gymnasium, Classroom, Narthex, or Multipurpose Room, the acoustics within each of these rooms will elevate while the echoes collapse.

Greater clarity to original sound survives, leaving each room with a greater sense of fellowship and community.  Sermons are easier to understand.  Conversations over coffee are enjoyed. Crowd noise subsides.   Members will flock back to the Church as membership swells and participation expands.

One simple Room Analysis by NetWell can define your acoustic sound panel treatment and quote your upcoming project

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Reducing Fellowship Hall Noise

Controlling background noise levels in your Fellowship Hall will generate a more functional and user-friendly acoustic space for your members to gather and socialize.   If your Fellowship Hall is not properly treated for noise control, the conversation becomes strained as background noise levels climb to discomfort.  Members will either choose to compete with the noise and raise their voices, which will further spike the decibel levels, or they will simply stop coming to Church.

This holds especially true for senior citizens who already struggle with hearing issues.

By simply placing a set of acoustic sound panels for church on the wall or ceiling of your Fellowship Hall, you can effectively capture up to 80% of your unwanted echoes and restore quality sound to the room.

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Acoustic Sound Panels Inside a Church Sanctuary to Improve Room Acoustics

Why Your Church Will Love Fabric Panels

Fabric Acoustic Panels are available in 60 colors.  These sound panels for a church are class A fire rated, easy to self install, they are portable, durable, and work great to absorb the echoes in your Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, Classroom, Gymnasium, Office, Nursery, Music Room, and Narthex.  The Fabric Panels combine to capture and convert up to 80% of your unwanted echo to deliver back premium sound quality and a more user-friendly and functional space.   This is our #1 selling acoustic panel treatment.

The key to acoustic success for your Church is to get the coverage amounts correctly. For assistance call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or submit for a free Room Analysis.

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Acoustic Sound Panels to Capture Echoes in an Auditorium or Sanctuary

Soundproofing Your Gym or Multipurpose Room

Are you a Church with a loud Gymnasium?   The same soundproofing method applies here for producing premium sound quality within your room.  Often times in a Church Gym, space serves as a Multipurpose Room, hosting a variety of events that will all require the ability to control unwelcome levels of background noise.   Perimeter sound panel treatments can be wall or ceiling mounted, just as in your Fellowship Hall or Sanctuary, to capture and convert these echoes from your space.

As a result, the premium sound quality you generate will cater to a variety of functions to be held in the room.   The key as always is to ensure that you place the appropriate level of the sound panel into the Gym based on room dimensions.

Submit a Room Analysis and we can calculate your coverage amounts.

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Sound panels on gym walls lower noise levels

More Quiet Spaces

In addition to the acoustic benefits that our Fabric Acoustic Panels deliver to your Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and Gymnasium, the same sound panel treatment is designed to deliver premium sound quality to a variety of rooms within your House of Worship.

From Office Space to Nurseries, Multipurpose rooms to Music Rehearsal Space, your sound values will be met with the same acoustic panel treatment.   Remember, the key to the control over your noise levels is to ensure we are not undertreating the room based on its size.

Use our Room Analysis form to submit room dimensions and we will submit back a free quote.

Nursery Multipurpose Office Music
band room controlling noise levels with sound panels to a soundproof music room

Case Study Profiles

For more than 25 years NetWell has been diagnosing sound panel treatments and delivering premium quality to tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Our Case Studies library showcases a variety of recent sound panel projects that you may enjoy reviewing in preparation for your upcoming sound panel treatment to your Church.

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DIY Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Installation

Church Acoustics:  Q&A

What Is the Impact on Poor Sanctuary Sound and Church Attendance?

If the church is an echo chamber, it will hinder the worship experience for its congregation. This is especially true for music services — whether the church uses a choir, organ, or more contemporary instruments. The sound waves will bounce off of the hard, reflective surfaces within space and blur sound signals.

As the noise levels increase, churchgoers will have a difficult time hearing the service, and ultimately move to another church that provides a more enjoyable worship environment.  Without investing in a church acoustic treatment, it will be tough to retain your parish.   Up to 30% of your congregation will at one point or another option to search for another worship center.

How Soundproofing a Church Will Grow and Protect Membership

By investing in a sound panel treatment like NetWell’s Fabric Panels, you’ll be able to enhance your parish’s experience. Our products are designed to make your space more user-friendly by effectively capturing and converting the echoes within it. After absorbing the excess noise, your parishioners will be able to hear the original sound coming from the musician or speaker — rather than the sound waves reverberating off the walls and ceiling. This will ensure an enjoyable worship environment for your congregation, and in time, grow your membership.

Why Seniors Need Protection From the Noise in a Church

Many seniors are hard of hearing. Because of this, they need as much sound clarity as possible. Churches tend to have high ceilings and reflective surfaces that only increase the noise levels within a space. As the echoes bounce around the room, it becomes harder to hear the original sound. This proves even more true for seniors who rely on crystal clear acoustics. By soundproofing a church, parishioners will have a more enjoyable experience overall.

How Clarity for Spoken Word Can Be Compromised by Poor Room Acoustics

Churches are typically designed with reflective surfaces that look beautiful but hinder noise control. Without acoustic soundproofing, the background noise in your church will reflect off of these surfaces and muddle the speaker’s voice. The spiked noise levels will only increase, ultimately creating a poor worship environment. That’s why it’s important to invest in acoustic panels: the noise absorption will restore the original sound and provide clarity for the speaker.

The Impact That Contemporary Music Services Have on Church Membership

Whether you use bass guitars, drums, or tambourines, music is one of the most important aspects of a contemporary service. However, since there are so many instruments involved, the noise can reverberate around the room and disrupt the sound quality. Because churchgoers choose a contemporary service as a less traditional way to worship, modern music is high on their priority list. If the music is muddled, though, they may decide to go somewhere else. The only way you can retain these parishioners is to invest in sound panels for churches.

How Fabric Wall Panels Will Improve the Worship Experience

There is nothing worse for a church member than being unable to discern what is being said in their sanctuary. As members strain to hear the speaker, they will grow weary of the battle, and eventually, join another house of worship with better acoustics. Without a sound panel treatment in the sanctuary, acoustic values will spike to excessive levels, and blur and distort sound signals. Once a Fabric Panel system is set in place, the echoes will collapse as greater clarity for the original sound is restored. As a result, the worship center will produce premium sound quality for its congregation, and in turn, protect the level of membership, and secure the future growth and viability of the church.

How Many Sound Panels Does Your Church Need and Where Should You Place Them?

When it comes to sound panels for churches, the key to success lies in the coverage amounts rather than the location. The goal is to avoid undertreating the room, so you effectively capture and convert the echoes. NetWell’s Fabric Panels can be placed as you wish around the perimeter walls or ceiling of your room. Clips will be shipped with your order to help you secure the panels to your surfaces. You can also “float” them from the ceiling as Ceiling Clouds. We always recommend placing the panels higher on the walls for durability purposes. For questions related to soundproofing your church, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.

Why Do Thicker Sound Panels for Churches Work Better?

Thicker sound panels absorb greater percentages of low-frequency sound waves. If your church is a contemporary service with musical instruments that include bass guitars and drums, your low-frequency sounds will require 2” thick Fabric Panels over 1” thick panels. However, if your services are more traditional with a choir and organ, the frequencies of these sound sources can be controlled with 1” thick sound panels. Again, the key to success for the soundproofing treatment lies in getting your coverage amounts correct, and then evenly distribute them around the room’s perimeter. Panel thickness only helps if there are musical instruments in the room stemming from contemporary services.

What Are the Benefits to Using NetWell’s Sound Panels in Your House of Worship?

The biggest benefit of soundproofing your church is that you’ll protect your members from poor room acoustics. By doing so, you’ll enhance the worship experience in the sanctuary, the fellowship in multipurpose rooms, and the education in classroom settings. The net advantage of soundproofing your church is that you’ll build and protect your membership by delivering a more functional space with more acoustic friendly environments, especially for seniors. Ignoring the value of your sound quality will compromise this experience, and drive your members away from your church to other worship spaces who have invested in acoustic panels.

Free Church Room Analysis

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